Home and Away

Home And Away: The Aftermath Of The Susie Drama

Scam; suspect

Susie’s scam is affecting everyone…

As Susie skips town, Summer Bay’s residents are still scratching their heads. How could someone pull a scam so vile? Justin and Leah are forced to tell Tori and Christian that they’re not moving out after all. Meanwhile, Alf and Roo are left to clean up the mess with the Surf Club. After having contacted the treasurer, the Stewart patriarch learns that no funds had been transferred to the club bank account.

Susie mentions to John before she is found out that to transfer the funds to his personal account. He gave her access to it which is how she was able to get her hands on all that money. Given everything that has been going on with the scam, Palmer has resigned from his role as President of the Surf Club. After all, it was conwoman who put him for the position to begin with. As much as he cab be an idiot at time, he did NOT deserve this.

We mentioned in yesterday’s post about his heartbreak that it’s going to be hard for him going forward. Not to mention, Tori and Christian are blaming themselves for the mess Leah and Justin are in with the $90k they gave a total stranger. Despite being told not to, they do anyway and it doesn’t make anyone feel any better.

There is going to be a lot going on next week revolving around the scam and whether Susie is caught. We hope to god she is. We want a similar conclusion to this storyline like there was in The Bold and the Beautiful regarding Reese Buckingham. He was caught not long after Ridge called the cops regarding Beth’s kidnapping and how he switched Hope and Liam’s daughter with a dead baby. It happened really quickly.

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