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Oprah. She’s one of the most famous women in the world (oops! Sorry, M!), and yet, Lady O feels that a person’s “truth” is better than THE truth. As the whole planet knows by now, the chat with the Sussexes was a total trainwreck. What’s worse for Ms Winfrey is that the special was nominated for an Emmy but didn’t win. Also, she best to stay off social media for the time being because there’s a campaign titled #saysorryoprah to get her to apologise for not checking her facts.

Is #saysorryoprah worth the time and effort? Absolutely! Oprah is supposed to be one of the world’s finest female journalists/interviewers. However, her credibility has taken a nosedive since the Sussex bitch fest aired in March. We spoke at the time about the thoughts we had on the crap the couple spewed. Not to mention, we said that Harry and Meghan don’t regret shitting on the royals. There’s a whole tag dedicated to it.

Anyway, the backlash from the Oprah interview has become so bad that Oprah hasn’t just warranted the #saysorryoprah hashtag, but she ordered that the “tell-all” be pulled from the internet entirely. You can’t even find it on YouTube, we’ve heard from those who have looked for it. It gets more interesting as not long after the interview aired, Oprah all but scrubbed mentions of the Sussexes from her social media. However, we did get a tweet about a promo that the former talk show queen still had on her Twitter feed. Here’s a screenshot:

We’ve chosen not to identify the person who sent the tweet because we don’t want the Sussex Squad going after them.

Interviewing Real Celebrities Won’t Help, Oprah

Since the Sussex interview blew up in the worse way possible, Oprah has spoken to Elliot Page and Adele. Just because you talk to these big stars doesn’t mean people will forget about that OTHER interview. It doesn’t hide the fact that she didn’t check what they were saying. What’s more, is the Sussexes used her to further their agenda of victimhood.

According to what was said during the interview, Oprah wanted to interview the Sussexes before or after the wedding. However, they couldn’t because they were constantly being monitored by aides. Ultimately, this explains why Lady O got an invite to the wedding. It was one of those “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” types of deals.

#SaySorryOprah! It’s Not That Hard

Since much of what the Sussexes said turned out to be lie after lie, Oprah has been silent on the whole thing. It’s not difficult to #SaySorryOprah. Issue a statement and admit you messed up. It’s not hard to do. However, because she has billions of dollars, she won’t say anything. She thinks she is above criticism. Hmm. It reminds us of a certain woman who accused the royals of racism, claimed she didn’t care about titles but insisted her children have them, etc. We could go on.

The truth of the matter, there is never going to be an apology from Oprah. Remember, this is the same woman who made a huge deal of coming to Australia as if the country had just been discovered.

Sorry, not sorry, Oprah. Even rich people can’t escape criticism. Also, silence doesn’t erase what is in the open. You might’ve tried to erase the interview from the world wide web, but people still know about it. Millions of people saw it.

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