Sorry, Meghan But It’s Too Late To Show You’re A Savvy Shopper

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There is nothing savvy about the dress Meghan Markle wore in her James Corden interview cameo…

Meghan Markle is not relatable, sorry Sugars but it’s true. She’s not savvy in the way she shops so it’s hard to believe that she would start now. So, for those who don’t know, Prince Harry recently did an interview with James Corden which has since dropped overnight per the Late Late Show with James Corden’s YouTube Channel.

[Credit: YouTube – The Late Late Show With James Corden]

In it, the prince discusses his reason for wanting to leave the royal family which we’ll talk about in a Chronicles of Harkle post a bit later. Rumour has it that Meghan had final say in what went into the Corden interview. This comes from a blind item post that was screenshotted by Murky Meg and posted to her Twitter account. This comes as she won’t have any control over the Oprah interview.

Going back to the topic at hand, Meghan doesn’t understand the meaning of the word, ‘Savvy’. We got wind of this supposed $30 dress through an article on 9Honey’s style section. She is notorious for spending thousands on a wardrobe she will only ever wear once. Her maternity outfits alone cost nearly a million pounds, according to The Sun. That price tag is just over a million dollars for anyone wondering. Whether this was converted to US currency or another is unclear.

Anyway, just because Meghan wears one dress that is under $100 doesn’t mean she’s savvy. She likes to go all out with her style. However, she and Harry haven’t got that much money between them since they’re not getting income from Netflix yet because they haven’t released content. They’ve done two podcast episodes for Spotify and that’s it.

Meghan Doesn’t Know The Definition Of ‘Savvy’

Catherine is what you would call ‘savvy’. She has reworn outfits several times. Though, she chooses to wait until some time has past before she wears something again. Meghan, however, has never been seen in clothing more than once. The only exceptions she makes is several pieces of jewellery she got before she met Harry.

One piece that comes to mind is the bracelet that was allegedly gifted to her by her ex-husband, Trevor Engelson. Then there’s also the Cartier Tank Watch which is identical to Diana’s but with the inscription ‘To: MM From MM” which Meghan bought herself after Suits was renewed for a new season.

This piece is often confused with Diana’s because it looks the same with the two-tone style. Also, Prince William would likely still have the watch as it was the thing he picked out of his mother’s jewellery collection when he and Harry were kids. We wrote a piece on how Catherine ended up with the engagement ring and Markle’s apparent PR stunt.

If Meghan were a savvy shopper, she would have purchased outfits from places Catherine did. She doesn’t pay the Earth for her clothing. The Duchess of Cambridge has always been fashion forward given her down to Earth style, her sister-in-law not so much.

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