#SaveYoutube: A Letter From A Disgruntled Sister

#SaveYoutube; Elle Darby

Dear Youtube,

I’m the big sister of one your loyal toy video creators and I’m trying to #SaveYoutube. For the last month, my little sister has cried on and off and is an absolute mess after discovering that as of January 2020, toy and gaming creators wouldn’t qualify for likes, dislikes and ads.

My sister’s videos consist of My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop and she has spent a lot of time maintaining her content. Her channel might be small, but she has worked hard to get it to where it is today. What she’s upset about is when this new change comes in, she will not be able to interact with her subscribers.

She has been crying every couple of days because of this news and my heart breaks for her and all the other creators affected. Thousands of accounts will be affected and its just not right! I use to respect YouTube, but I’m sick of the bigwigs ruining the lives of their creators. Threatening to fine people if they don’t categorise their videos correctly is a way of punishing people who don’t deserve it.

I’m Pleading!

I’m launching the #SaveYoutube movement to get the platform to back off punishing their kid based content creators. I understand why there’s a push to change the rules. However, you should be cracking down on creators like Logan Paul who has caused controversy. You should be shutting down people like him and not giving similar perpetrators slaps on the wrist. It’s unethical and unfair to all the other creators out there who are doing the right thing.

People who think posting about hating school, showing a suicide victim or dissing someone for fun is not on! It’s unjust and absolutely disgusting behaviour. They don’t think about the younger fans who might be watching them. Kids as young as eight would be watching Logan Paul’s videos and would think laughing at a ‘corpse’ is okay. Creators need to be careful with what they’re posting. People will start imitating these internet personalities and think its the right thing to do! What kind of example is that setting? 

So far, a petition on change.org has garnered almost 8k signatures. Youtube, you had better wake up to yourselves!  If you don’t reverse your decision, you are going to lose a lot of amounts. All you care about is the money the advertisers are giving you. I saw what you did to Star Wars Theory when he posted his fan film. He had an agreement with Lucasfilm but you wanted to profit from it by putting ads on it. You only backed off when Lucasfilm explained the situation. I started losing faith in you then. I’ll be damned if you let my baby sister’s beloved community be held down by restrictions.

I doubt you’re reading this, but I hope the creators win!


#SaveYoutube founder, Disgruntled Sister

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