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#SaveMacGyver Campaign In Full Swing From Fans



It’s a race to #SaveMacGyver! The beloved 2016 reboot of the series of the same name which originally starred Richard Dean Anderson is being unfairly axed by CBS after its fifth season concludes. In July 2020, showrunner Peter M. Lenkov was fired from the show after allegations of a toxic work environment were uncovered.

What’s more is the show’s leading man, Lucas Till who plays the titular Angus “Mac” MacGyver reportedly became suicidal after being body-shamed by Lenkov, according to Fox News. The final eight episodes of the series were taken on by Monica Macer, who serves as a producer.

We’ve been learning about what really was going down via an email we received from Jamie Andrews, a member of the #SaveMacGyver Campaign which is being spearheaded by Jennifer Bauer who runs the website. The movement is a team effort that has hit the likes of Forbes, CNN, Entertainment Tonight Canada, and Screen Rant.

Moreover, the series shouldn’t have been cancelled because of one person’s toxicity. Therefore, axing it is just CBS’s way of cleaning its hands and saying “We no longer want anything to do with this.” The fans deserve more! It’s also pretty awesome that over 350k paperclips were or have been sent to the CBS offices.

Why Is MacGyver Being Cancelled?

The show’s ratings have an incredibly strong 0.5 demo on average with 4.5+ million views for all five seasons. It was also winning the top time slot of Friday 8pm for thirteen straight weeks. Moreover, Jamie explained to us that all indications of the cancellation came from the toxic work environment rather than a decline in ratings.

Also, until the allegations were levelled against Lenkov, the likelihood of a renewal was looking pretty good.

Despite Monica Macer having been promoted to showrunner, she was only given eight episodes to work within her short tenure. Therefore, she managed to bring in the importance of the black experience, being Asian, transgender, and non-binary working together in a way that is positive as it is healthy.

If anything, MacGyver has one of the best representative casts of all the shows in CBS’s lineup.

How Big Is The #SaveMacGyver Movement?

As we speak the #SaveMacGyver campaign is getting bigger with the petition getting more signatures by the minute. We understand what it means to have a favourite show cancelled before its time. Our beloved Krypton was cancelled without a proper ending. There were things set up for a Season 3 we will never get to see. We will be damned if we let yet another network cancel a beloved show before its time!

The hashtag on Twitter, #SaveMacGyver has already garnered over 300k tweets since it was started three weeks ago. The fans want one final season that doesn’t comprise of cliffhangers that make little sense or fifteen measly episodes to end the series. They want a full renewal that results in a happy ending!

What we love is that the fans are loud and passionate. They don’t put others down if someone doesn’t agree with their views. All they want is proper closure for a show that means a lot to them. If the Snyder Cut posse could get what they wanted then the #SaveMacGyver campaign can get the same result.

The campaign is becoming so big that they’ve managed to get a series of digital billboards put up in Los Angeles, Times Square in New York, Atlanta, and Phoenix. Now, this is what we call dedication. Finally, the group has also set up a GoFundme page for cancer research. All funds raised from #SaveMacGyver will go to the Cancer Research Institute.

Please help these incredibly dedicated fans get one last season of MacGyver on the air! Be sure to follow the links and show your support on social media by using the #SaveMacGyver hashtag. Finally, a huge thank you must go out to Jamie for bringing this to our attention. You can follow her on Twitter @MinaRose89.

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