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#SaveMacGyver Campaign Uncovers Disturbing Pattern With Shows Being Axed By CBS

CBS is playing dirty by axing its shows after harassment allegations have come out…

Three is a pattern, according to #SaveMacGyver Twitter Account @MacRileyEdits. CBS has a lot to answer to. There is a disturbing pattern is emerging of its shows getting the boot after harassment allegations come out. How is this fair on anyone who was doing the right thing?

[Credit: @MacRileyEdits – Twitter]

We’ve been following the #SaveMacGyver campaign closely since we were asked to speak out about the unjust cancelling of the series. We cannot thank the team behind the movement and the fans of the show enough for their incredible kindness. CBS needs to stop protecting these horrible people and then wiping their hands clean of shows that have been affected. By doing this, it’s their way of saying, “This isn’t our problem.” Well, guess what! It is your problem. Furthermore, the shows that were axed outside of MacGyver which were NCIS: New Orleans, and All Rise were YOUR responsibility. You have the rights to their properties!

CBS, you were the ones who put the shows on in the first place. You allowed the harassment to go on to the point that MacGyver‘s leading man, Lucas Till almost committed suicide! If he had gone through with it, it would’ve been your fault! How would that made you feel? Would you have cared? Likely not. Moreover, you would’ve probably shut the show down as you have done and just said, “Yeah, we were going to cancel MacGyver anyway.”

Not good enough. The ratings were high enough for the sixth season. The same applies to the other shows that you axed. NCIS: New Orleans kept getting better. But, then it was revealed Adam Targum didn’t like being told what to do. In a nutshell, he would throw a tantrum if submissions to his ideas were not made according to Vulture.

Stop Protecting The Abusers!

CBS needs to consider what is more important to them. Their reputation or the people that work for them. They wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for the shows that have kept them afloat for all these years.

After some digging, we discovered that Brad Kern, who somehow swindled his way into the top position as showrunner on the original Charmed had been accused of misconduct while he was the showrunner of NCIS: New Orleans. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there were three investigations into his actions. He eventually was fired by CBS.

What really takes the cake is how little CBS seems to care about the cast, crew, and the fans of these shows. There are unfinished storylines that will never see the light of day unless they’re brought back. Moreover, this means hiring showrunners who actually care! Therefore, Monica Macer cared. Finally, in the few episodes she got given to complete, she tried to introduce more inclusivity that would never have been done under Lenkov.

MacGyver And The Other Shows Deserve More

Finally, is no doubt that the cast didn’t want the series to end the way it did. The ones that have commented on the #SaveMacGyver campaign are appreciative of all the hard work the fans have undertaken to give the series the ending it wholeheartedly deserves.

While Peter Lenkov headed Magnum P.I., he was fired from the series but it wasn’t cancelled like its sister show, MacGyver was.

All the shows need to end properly. Moreover, the cast and crews are not to blame for someone else’s actions. They deserve justice. Just because one asshole plays god and tries to control everything, does not mean everyone needs to lose their jobs.

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