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A True Queen Of Hearts: Catherine, The Duchess Of Cambridge Pays Respects To Sarah Everard

Sarah Everard

You don’t see The Duchess of Sussex paying her respects to British murder victim, Sarah Everard…

Moving away from the Sussex drama for a moment and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge has paid her respects to murdered British woman, Sarah Everard, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Having a royal pay tribute is a great way to see how compassionate they truly are. This comes just days after Harry and Meghan’s explosive claims aired of racism within The Firm.

Now, Meghan’s stans have been screaming from the rooftops saying that it’s a publicity stunt. No, it’s not. Catherine is a caring woman who doesn’t abandon people to achieve what she wants. The Duchess of Sussex would never pay tribute to a white woman who has been murdered.

The Murder Of Sarah Everard

Sarah Everard
[Credit: MyLondon]

Sarah Everard was a 33-year-old woman walking home at night on March 3rd from a friend’s apartment to her home 50 minutes away. Leaving 9pm she headed towards Brixton where she lived. It is unclear if she made the journey home or she was kidnapped before she made it there.

According to Mamamia, Sarah’s last appearance alive came as she walked past a private doorbell camera on one of the houses on her route home. Her boyfriend filed a missing person’s report when he didn’t hear from her the next day. A week after she vanished, her body was found in woodlands an hour and a half away from where she had last been seen.

Two days after her body was found, it was made public that Sarah Everard had been found deceased.

Just days later, Wayne Couzens was arrested and charged with her kidnap and murder. His movements leading up to his attack on Sarah is unknown.

Catherine’s Reason For Attending The Memorial

Sarah Everard
[Credit: The Sun]

Kensington Palace told Harper’s Bazaar:

The Duchess wanted to pay her respects to Sarah and her family. She remembers what it felt like to walk around London at night before she got married.

Kensington Palace spokesperson

Having Catherine go out of her way to take daffodils to the Chapham Common bandstand shows what an incredible consort she is going to be once William takes the throne. She is human and is willing to stand with those, regardless of their skin tone or background when a tragedy strikes.

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