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What The Fiasco Surrounding Sam Frost Teaches Us About Influencer And Cancel Culture

What could be worse than someone being pushed off social media due to their opinion? That is what Home and Away actress Sam Frost had to endure about a week ago. She posted a video to Instagram explaining why she was not vaccinated. Before we begin, we want to make clear, we did not watch it, nor did we have any intention to. Anyway, this sparked a chain reaction of hate and abuse. And influencers and reality television stars jumped on the bandwagon of cruelty.

Did Sam do the right thing in posting this type of video to her half a million followers?

No, she did not.

Now, we’re not defending her, but nor are we hating on her. Anyone who has followed her career, no matter how thoroughly, will know she suffers from mental health issues. Moreover, she has always been open about this. Furthermore, this type of drama was bought on by her declining mental health.

Yes, there will be people out there saying that she’s using mental health as an excuse to spread the anti-vaxx agenda. These people are wrong on so many levels. Having followed Sam for a while, we can tell you that this is not the type of person she is from what we can see. She’s not Pete Evans, who would spread his message any chance he got.

Sam appeared to be in a bad headspace when she posted that video. We’ve seen screenshots from it, and she didn’t look together like she usually is.

When People Need To Keep Their Mouths Shut

When Sam started coping shit for her comments, people like fellow former Bachelor franchise alumni Abbie Chatfield and Matt Agnew weighed in with their thoughts. While Agnew did his best to be polite as he debunked a few of the things Ms Frost said in her video, as stated by Soaliha Iqbal of Pedestrian, the issue we have with this is why he would debunk something like this when he’s not a MEDICAL doctor. He’s an astrophysicist. The last time we checked, the two were very different fields.

Meanwhile, Chatfield made the bold claim that Sam was “trying to victimise herself”, according to Kate Schneider of Moreover, this is big coming from Abbie, who went on a reality dating show and wanted to shag the lead dude.

Yes, it’s fine to have an opinion, but you need to think about how this will affect the person you’re targeting. Also, if you knew about Sam’s mental health struggles, you’d know to be more sympathetic. Also, we’re not condoning her actions in the slightest, but as we’ve said already, she was not in a great headspace.

The ugliness of social media and how comments can affect people is what causes problems. Don’t toxic commenters ever think about those who have committed suicide because of cyber-bullying? Do the names Dolly Everett or Charlotte Dawson ring any bells? Anyone who takes joy in telling people to kill themselves is sick in the head! If Sam didn’t have a strong support system, she would’ve been another victim.

Also, Charlotte Dawson was an incredibly tough lady. Dolly was only a kid who was well known for being the face of Akubra when she was young. They did not deserve to be bullied, and neither does Sam.

Sam And Her Social Media Status As Of Now

We’re a bit behind on this story because we’ve been covering other things. Anyway, after the video was posted and ripped apart, Sam deactivated her Instagram account. However, she has since reactivated it and has removed the offending video. Since she has returned, it appears she is in a better place mentally.

To end this post, we want to ask our followers, to think before you comment on someone else’s content. If you follow a certain person, do they seem like someone who has mental health challenges? Please be considerate and think about their well-being. As the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.

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