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The Bold And The Beautiful: Wyatt Finally Learns That Sally Isn’t Dying And We Know How She Ends Up In The Hospital

Sally not dying

Sally is not dying and now Wyatt knows the truth… kinda. It comes after he sees Flo’s message on the back of her granny panties and demands to know where his girlfriend is. Also, we’ve learned how the troubled fashion designer ends up in hospital.

Sally not dying. Those words have never sounded so sweet. Her obsession, Wyatt Spencer now knows some of the truth of what has been happening over the last few… weeks? Months? Turns out all his ex wanted was to be loved and yet, he dumped her for his niece stealing former flame, Flo.

We do not condone what Sally has done in the slightest. She faked an illness and claimed she was dying just to get sympathy from not just Wyatt but everyone she works with. Katie sat with her and comforted her as she was given her bogus ‘terminal’ diagnosis. While the embattled designer should be ashamed of herself, she’s not. All she wanted is Wyatt and now her plan has spectacularly backfired in her face just as Penny predicted it would.

A Simple Plan Backfires

Sally thought her plan to win Wyatt back was simple. Fake a terminal illness. Get back into Wyatt’s good graces and have him fall back in love with her. Have her work showcased in the Forrester Couture Line. Win people’s respect and be worshipped.

When the plan starts to go pear shaped, she decides to add another part. She wants to seduce Wyatt into sleeping with her so she can get pregnant with his child. Sally not dying is one thing, but having a child to a guy who doesn’t want you anymore is pretty messed up.

Sally claims that Wyatt is the love of her life, while his is Flo and has always been. What makes this even more screwed up is Spectra doesn’t want to come second to a woman who stole Liam and Hope’s daughter and pretended to be the birth mother.

Ah, we’re pretty sure manipulating someone’s emotions so you get what you want is just as criminal. Yes, what Flo did was terrible, but she didn’t realise what she had actually gotten herself into until it was too late.

Anyway, with Flo now kidnapped and tied to Sally’s radiator, the scheming designer explains what her new plan is which horrifies Penny and her rival. However, unbeknownst to Spectra, Fulton has put a message on the back of her underwear, knowing she was take off her clothes in front of Wyatt.

When Wyatt sees the message, he demands to know where Flo is. He gets his answer from Sally and he goes looking for his missus.

Flo Tells Wyatt That Sally Is Not Dying And Spectra Wants Forgiveness

After a brief reunion in Sally’s apartment, Flo tells Wyatt that Sally is not dying which shocks him. This is all we see as the story will continue next week. This will also get back to Katie who is going to be furious when she realises she fell for the lie hook, line, and sinker.

Next week will also cover Wyatt laying into his ex for her lies and deception. She will plead for his forgiveness (no duh!) and then suffer a legit medical episode. There’s no doubt that he, Flo, and Penny are going to think she’s faking it, but realise it’s real.

Sally’s breakdown is what will have her end up in the hospital.

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