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Crisis on Infinite Earths: New Characters To Appear Include Ryan Choi

Ryan Choi; hour two

Ryan Choi is coming to Crisis on Infinite Earths but so are several of other new characters…

Ryan Choi got a namedrop on The Flash last season and we thought we’d get to see him in a flash-forward. While we didn’t, we receive information he created the Flash ring Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) gave Barry (Grant Gustin). Yeah, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) wasn’t thrilled.

When news dropped that Osric Chau would portray the second Atom, we got excited because the Easter egg went somewhere. How Choi will appear is unclear and what his role will be post-Crisis is unknown. Though, he’s not the only character to be introduced in crossover.

Please note this article will feature Arrowverse introductions.NOT existing characters from previous CW shows such as Smallville, Black Lightning, and Birds of Prey.


Anti-Monitor; Pariah; Ryan Choi
[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

LaMonica Garrett isn’t just playing the Monitor in this year’s event. He is also the enemy, the Anti-Monitor. What’s exciting about this is having the actor interacting with himself. Something similar in the Crisis on Earth-X with Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Oliver (Stephen Amell).

Superman (Kingdom Come)

[Credit: GeekTyrant]

For those who are familiar with Brandon Routh’s work, may remember he played Clark Kent/Superman in the film, Superman Returns. Well, he’s returning to the role, but a different version. In the crossover, we’ll see Clark Kent but not just any Supes. The Kingdom Come version.

Now, who is Kingdom Come Superman? From what we’ve read, this version of the Kryptonian hero came into existence during the Elseworlds crossover event in the comics in 1996 as a miniseries.

The story explains that a decade prior to the Kingdom Come storyline; the Joker floods the Daily Planet with his trademark toxin which kills everyone except Lois Lane. She uses a gasmask to fend off the gas which leads to her attacking the Batman villain. He fractures her skull in the fight and she succumbs to her injuries as Superman returns.

To cut an explanation short, the Lois Lane of the Kingdom Come story will be dead. No actress cast alongside the Smallville and Arrowverse Lois Lanes who will feature with their respective Clark Kents.

Bruce Wayne

[Credit: ScreenRant]

Now, when it was announced that voice actor Kevin Conroy would play a live-action version of Bruce Wayne, we wondered whether iteration of the character it would be. There isn’t anything mentioned which Earth he comes from. We’ve got our fingers crossed it’s the Earth-1 Bruce who has been missing for three years.

Whether Conroy is Earth-1 Bruce, is anybody’s guess. It would make the most sense. The Earth-38 Bruce is never referenced by named except as being “Clark’s friend”.


[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

We mentioned in a previous article that Pariah will appear in Crisis on Infinite Earths. While he won’t be Kell Mossa, he’ll be another version of Harrison Wells. For more information on this, please go to the linked post.


This is all the information that we have on the new characters. We didn’t include Lyla Michaels/Harbinger because she’s an Arrowverse character already. We cannot wait for these characters appear in the crossover, but this is going to be one hell of a ride. We’ll do a Ryan Choi article later.

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