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Thor: Love And Thunder UPDATE – Russell Crowe’s Role Revealed


The Greek gods are coming to the MCU for the first time… in a movie about the Norse God of Thunder…? Welcome, Zeus!

A little while ago, we spoke about Russell Crowe’s surprise role in the upcoming, Thor: Love and Thunder. Well, we now know who he’s going to be playing. He will be playing Zeus, King of the Greek Gods, according to Full Circle Cinema.

Now, for those who are wondering why the Greek God of Thunder is suddenly conversing with the Norse God of Thunder… yeah, we’re confused as well. Though, having Zeus in a Marvel property is not at that strange. Moreover, he appears in Marvel Comics with the civilian name Zeus Panhellenios, according to Wikipedia. Could there be some contest between the two gods of thunder? We have no clue but given that a big-time actor has been cast in the role, then he could have a prominent part to play.

Furthermore, what makes this interesting is that Russell Crowe is no strange to this type of material. He played Robin Hood in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood alongside Cate Blanchett who happens to have played Hela, Thor, and Loki’s sister in the previous movie Thor: Ragnarok. Also, he played the titular role in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator which saw him win an Oscar. So, we’re pretty sure he knows what he’s going and Taika Waititi wouldn’t have cast him if he wasn’t sure he could handle the role.

Finally, Crowe joins a large group of actors who have appeared in Marvel films who have also worked on DC movies. Actors include: Idris Elba (The Suicide Squad), Callan Mulvey (Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice), Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta), and Michael Keaton (Batman [1989]) just name a handful.

It is going to be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out in the final movie.

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