Did Meghan Want To Date And Marry Prince William And Did She Start The Rumour That He Cheated On Catherine?

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Did Meghan Markle want to marry her brother-in-law Prince William and is she responsible for starting that cheating rumour?

Ah, yes. The royal rumour mill. Where would we royal watchers be without it? We need to thank the next generation for that, but where does that put Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan? Well… we don’t know what their fate will be in March 2021. Though, we do want to ask a very simple question; did the former actress want to marry second-in-line for the throne, Prince William and was she responsible for THAT cheating rumour?

While we do love rumours and debating whether or not they’re true, that’s all they are. Gossip to get people talking. However, there are those that tend to believe everything they read is true. We’re here to tell you that there is no need to worry whether their favourite royal is in trouble.

Before we begin, it should be pointed out that this is all speculation. None of it is true.

What Cheating Rumour?

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To begin, we wanted to go over something that emerged from the royal rumour mill in 2019 and it’s all thanks to In Touch. There was a scandalous piece of gossip that was going around that claimed the future King of England, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge had cheated on his wife, Catherine while she was pregnant with their third child and second son, Louis.

The rumour mill went into overdrive when it mentioned that the woman he had alleged cheated with was Rose Hanbury, a close friend of Catherine’s. However, after a few days, the allegations just disappeared. So, why did this rumour come out and who might have spread it? Well, that’s where Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex comes in.

Some people seem to think that Meghan, might’ve been involved in the creation of the rumour. What would she have gotten from doing this if she were, in fact, get caught up in this. We’ll get into it in a moment, but let’s go over the second half of our post before we do.

Did Meghan Want To Date And Marry William?

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There has long been speculation amongst those who dislike Meghan that perhaps Harry was not her first choice in a ‘rich Englishman’. The royal rumour mill among those non-Sussex supporters have the suspicion that the former American actress wanted Harry so she could get to William, whom will one day become king.

Meghan has a real love the spotlight and she always wants to be in the press, despite saying otherwise. She claims she and Harry want privacy but they’ve got a brand deal with Netflix per The Guardian and just started a podcast with Spotify, according to the BBC.

Anyway, if this rumour were true and it isn’t, just to be clear, why would Meghan want William when she knew he was taken? Here’s the thing though. She doesn’t care. Despite all the crap that Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote in the biography Finding Freedom, she wanted power, the royal jewels and loads of money. Magically, she thought being with Harry would give her access to all that.

Meghan played dumb during to the engagement interview when she said she didn’t know who Harry was or that his family was famous. She blamed the fact that she’s an American and that the US don’t pay attention to the royals.

Truth is, we don’t know whether Meghan wanted William or someone who was rich. This is all speculated. Honestly, we don’t care. The Duchess of Sussex knew that marrying into a wealthy family would get her the spotlight she thought she deserved which leads us to continue with our answer to the cheating rumour.

Rumour Mill Overload: Did The Duchess Of Sussex Have Something To Do With The Cheating Rumour?

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Now, we need to question whether or nor Meghan had a hand in such a disgusting rumour. While we don’t think so, but there’s every chance she could’ve created fake gossip to try to get Catherine away from William.

Now, if this theory is true, then Harry really put his foot in it with marrying a woman who wanted his brother. However, there is no proof in the Duchess of Sussex even trying to steal William from his wife. At this time, the now-Duke was still incredibly close to both Wills and Catherine. We seriously doubt he would put up with this behaviour.

Though, we have to consider the realm of how smitten he was with Meghan during this time. He refused to take the relationship slow despite being asked to get to know her better. If the former actress did try to steal William, the question is why would she do that?

We’ve spoken about Meghan’s lack of understanding regarding the royal family before. However, we need to think about what kind of person would try and take another woman’s husband before we can answer the question.

Meghan is the type of woman who is could be classified as the ultimate diva. She has been handed everything her whole life and is spoilt. Essentially, when she joined the royal family she ultimately thought the whole of Harry’s family would bow down to her because she was the spouse of a prince. You certainly don’t see Catherine or Sophie acting this way.

If Meghan wants something, she gets it. So, we would not put it past her if she wanted to take William from Catherine. However, it would not have gone down too well with Harry given how happy his brother is with his life.

William Would Not Have Wanted Meghan

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Meghan might go after what she wants, but William has a steelier resolve then Harry. He knows who he is and what his life goal is; to be a future monarch. He accepted this fate a long time ago but his brother was never content with being the ‘spare’.

Harry spent a decade in the army because it gave him ‘purpose’ and while there he was not a prince. He was just another soldier. So, there is no doubt that losing his honorary military titles was distressing when he and Meghan opted out. You can’t have your cake and eat it too when you’re a royal.

William is way too smart to fall for Meghan and her antics. They are total opposites. Given how she cried in Africa about how hard she had it as a royal and that she couldn’t take it, there is no way she would’ve survived as Queen Consort.

Catherine is bettered suited for William because she understands the pressures. Meghan thought she could handle it because of her time in Hollywood. Also, the Duke of Cambridge can see someone who is trying to use him a mile away. He has endured it his whole life. So has Harry.

Meghan thought she could weasel her way into the high life because she had connections who had ties to the royals. She likely also believed that William would fall for her like every other man she’s been with has. The Duke of Cambridge is not a fool. He would NOT betray Catherine with anyone, no matter how hard they threw themselves at him.

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