RUMOR: Are Barbara Gordon, Kaldur’ahm And Roy Harper Headed To ‘Titans’?

Roy Harper

They have ties to the current Titans roster, but are Barbara Gordon, Kaldur’ahm and Roy Harper making their debuts during the show’s third season?

We’ve known for a while that the DC Universe series, Titans had been renewed for Season 3. However, we had to lose a fan favourite character for there to an opening on the team. Since Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) died in the fallout between the Titans and Deathstroke (Esai Morales), a place has become available, but who could fill it? We’ve got three suggestions and one wields a bow and arrow and one is linked to Batman and the newly minted Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites). A third might be the Young Justice version of Aqualad, Kaldur’ahm. Hint: We’re talking about Roy Harper to an extent.

If you’re thinking Oliver Queen as the arrow wielding individual, you’re not too far off. As the title of this article references, we’re talking about Roy Harper and sidekick to Batman, Barbara Gordon. We’ve also met a protégé to Aquaman, Garth, but we might also be getting another version of Aqualad.

Barbara Gordon and Roy Harper Referenced Before

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Both Barbara and Roy have been referenced before in the series. Babs is mentioned by Jason (Curran Walters) in the warped reality created inside Dick’s mind by Trigon. Roy got a shoutout by Donna during Season 2 during the episode, Rose.

What makes this interesting is Roy has appeared in Arrow as Arsenal while his original codename Speedy was taken up by Oliver’s sister, Thea which had his childhood nickname for her. Barbara however, hasn’t appear in a live-action project since 2002’s Birds of Prey series where she was already Oracle when the show started.

If They Show Up In Titans Season 3

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From what the CBR rumour mill is saying, if Barbara does appear in Titans Season 3, she’ll already be Oracle meaning the show will likely skip over the Killing Joke storyline. Though, there might be flashbacks depicting what happened. Also, since Dick and Barbara have a history in the comics, expect them to have one in the show if she appears. She might replace Donna on the new roster of Titans.

As for Roy, Emre Kaya on Twitter has claimed that Harper has already been cast which is being backed up by Batman News. For any Arrow fans who watch the show just don’t except Colton Haynes to play this new version. It’s possible that Roy might take Donna’s place in the team, given he was friends with her.

In the same article that mentions Roy, it appears Kaldur’ahm from Young Justice might be taking on the Aqualad mantle in his first live-action appearance. The moniker was last used by Garth, a member of the original Titans lineup who had a massive crush on Donna and died protecting her.  While Emre Kaya is usually spot on, we can’t say for sure if Kaldur’s appearance is true or not.

Connections To The Other Titans

Roy Harper
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If you’re not comic book savvy, you might not know of the connections between the rumoured newcomers:

  • As referenced earlier, Dick and Barbara have a history in and out of costume. They dated and were even engaged at one point. Babs as always been looked upon as one of Grayson’s first loves. He even stood by her after Joker assaulted her. She’s even a love rival to Koriand’r who  was also involved with Dick.
  • Roy Harper is far more than Green Arrow’s sidekick. In some comic stories, he’s the best friend of Jason Todd with whom shares many similarities with him.
  • While not a comic book creation, Kaldur’ahm is a fan favourite and a version of Aqualad in Young Justice. He was a founding member of the first roster of the Team. Also, he lost the love of his life, Tula between Season 1 and 2. At the time, she was dating Garth since Kaldur had chosen to become Aquaman’s protégé. After her death, he realised he might be bisexual as he developed feelings for Wyynde, a male Atlantean.

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