RUMOUR: Are Barbara Gordon, Kaldur’ahm And Roy Harper Headed To ‘Titans’?

Roy Harper

Are three fan-favourites headed to Titans?

We’ve known for a while that Titans is returning for Season 3. However, we had to lose a fan-favourite character for there to be an opening. Since Donna Troy died in the fallout between the Titans and Deathstroke, a place has become available, but who could fill it? Hint: Roy Harper sounds good.

Well, we’ve got three suggestions. One wields a bow while another is linked to Batman and the newly-minted Nightwing. The third might be the Young Justice version of Aqualad.

If you’re thinking Oliver Queen as the arrow wielding individual, you’re not far off. We’re talking about Roy Harper and a sidekick to Batman, Barbara Gordon. We’ve also met a protégé to Aquaman, Garth, but we might be getting another version of Aqualad.

Barbara Gordon and Roy Harper

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Both Barbara and Roy have been referenced before.

Babs is mentioned by Jason in the warped reality created inside Dick’s mind by Trigon. Roy got a shoutout from Donna during Season 2 during the episode, ‘Rose’.

If Barbara Does Appear

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According to John Ridlehoover of CBR, if Barbara does appear, she’ll already be Oracle. Also, since Dick and Barbara have a history in the comics, so expect them to have one in the show if she appears. She might replace Donna on the new roster of Titans.

As for Roy, Batman News claims that Roy has been cast. For any Arrow fans, don’t expect Colton Haynes to play this new version. It’s possible that Roy might take Donna’s place in the team.

In the article that mentions Roy, it appears Kaldur’ahm might be taking on the Aqualad mantle in his first live-action appearance. The moniker was last used by Garth, a member of the original Titans lineup.

Connections To The Other Titans

Roy Harper
[Credit: DC Comics]
  • As referenced earlier, Dick and Barbara have a history in and out of costume. Babs has always been Grayson’s greatest love. She’s also a love rival to Koriand’r.
  • In some comic stories, Roy Harper is the best friend of Jason Todd.
  • Kaldur’ahm is a version of Aqualad in Young Justice. He was a founding member of the first roster of Young Justice.

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