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Rugrats Revival REVIEW: Episode 5 – March For Peas/The Two Angelicas

March for Peas

It’s Grandpa Lou’s time to shine in March for Peas while Angelica is in over her head in The Two Angelicas…

Reviews Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4

March Of Peas

When Grandpa Lou injuries his back, the babies try to do something nice for him by creating their own March for Peas.

Stu and Chas are about to go to see a movie when they find Grandpa on the couch. He tells them he can’t go to the March for Peas because of his back and he hasn’t missed one in over fifty years. He tells Stu and Chas to go see the movie while he watches the babies. Angelica then runs in with an ’emergency’. She needs needs someone to open the Peanut Butter for her.

Lucy walks in with Susie and finds Lou on the couch. She issues her personal recommendations as a doctor and says he needs ice and rest. Lou rebuffs her and tells her he’ll do it the hippy way. After she leaves, Tommy asks Susie if she knows what a March for Peas is. She says it is when you’re busting to go to the toilet.

Angelica walks in with her peanut butter and rebuffs them. She explains what the March of Peas actually is. She mentions there are floats and people waving from cars. And the best part (according to Phil and Lil?) pooping ponies. She then corners Lil and forces her to drive her Cynthia car. Lil also has to build a float in Angelica’s likeness but it loses its head… literally when Lil drives erratically around the backyard.

Lou attempts to find a way to cure his bad back but can’t.

The Two Angelicas

Moving on from ‘March of Peas’ and Angelica finds herself in a bit of a dilemma when there’s suddenly two of her. At first it starts out fine but the babies, know better than anyone that it’s not going to end up good. She presents them with a look-alike doll that sounds just like she does. Expect there’s one small problem; it says nice things which she would never say like she shares and it says her friends call her ‘Angie’ which Susie says she and the babies don’t.

Angelica runs screaming to Drew saying she wants to send back her doll back. Her father tells her they can’t because its made to order.

Back with the kids, the babies poke and prod the doll, despite Chuckie’s fear that it’s just like Angelica which utterly terrifies him. When Lou takes them to the park, Angelica bosses them around as per usual. However, when they suddenly stop doing what she wants, she realises she has to be nice to them if she wants them to do what she desires. When she can no longer take it, Angelica explodes.

When a bully appears and starts pushing his weight around, Angelica realises that she can’t just sit back and do nothing. They’re HER babies and only she is allowed to pick on them.

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