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Rugrats Revival REVIEW: Episode 4 – One Big Happy Family/The Last Balloon

One Big Happy Family

The Pickles Family Really Is One Big Happy Family… right?

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4a – One Big Happy Family

Charlotte isn’t too thrilled when her in-laws are forced to stay at the house for a weekend because Grandpa Lou’s place needs to be inspected for bugs. While she tries to be welcoming, it’s clear she doesn’t get the concept of ‘one big happy family’. If it were up to her, they’d be out on the street. Also, she walks all over Drew as evident when he tells his brother that his wife made him donate his video games to charity.

With Angelica being forced to bunk with Tommy for the foreseeable future, she says she and her cousin are ‘married’, a concept she thinks relates to being roommates. Of course, she’s three-year-old, so you can forgive her for not understanding what the term means.

Back to Charlotte, she still doesn’t understand the ‘one big happy family’ concept when Chas arrives with Chuckie. She has also taught her daughter to be selfish as Angelica doesn’t have to share as she demonstrates when she’s ‘playing’ with Tommy and Chuckie. When things escalate, she screams when she finds Didi has dismantled her kitchen.

The Last Balloon

The segment after ‘One Big Happy Family’ is ‘The Last Balloon’.

When Chas and Chuckie are at the supermarket, the cashier gives Chuckie the last balloon. Back at home, he tells his friends it is the last balloon in existence.

The kids talk about how to keep the balloon from falling into the wrong hands and popping. Meanwhile, Stu is trying to help Chas with his ‘dad reflexes’. Randy shows up with Susie to work on the catapult and Chas’ reflexes. Susie suggests trying to reunite the balloon with others like it. This results in Chuckie stripping down to his underwear and climbing in Stu’s catapult and being flung through the air.


We believe that the ‘One Big Happy Family’ segment is one of the best in the series so far. It gives us a chance to explore the Charlotte and Drew’s house for a change rather than Grandpa Lou’s. We rate it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Meanwhile we give ‘The Last Balloon’:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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