Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s Lawyer Tests Positive To COVID-19


Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor New York and President Donald Trump’s lawyer has tested positive to coronavirus…

Holy crap! Rudy Giuliani, POTUS Donald Trump’s personal lawyer has contracted COVID-19, according to ABC News. While this doesn’t really surprise us, it should be noted that he is the not the first person in his family to get it. His son also contracted it.

Now, we don’t know about you, but the tweet he put out – the one below, reads like a Donald Trump Tweet. Did Giuliani feel the need to pay homage to his beloved boss?

[Credit: @RudyGiuliani – Twitter]

Sorry, Rudy but Donny boy is not going to gave your hide once he is thrown out of the White House on January 20. He contracted the virus sometime during his travel schedule across the US. Who knows how many people he infected in that time. Though it does not appear that he was the one who infected his son.

According to the ABC article, Rudy did not start showing symptoms of having the virus until two days after his return trip. However, prior to travelling, he tested negative. This implies he contracted COVID during his little adventure.

Rudy is currently working on the miserable behalf of Trump to overturn the election result by continuing to claim the election was rigged in favour of Joe Biden. So far, all the legal challenges have been thrown out due to a lack of evidence.

Rudy Is As Scatter Brained As His Boss

Rudy just doesn’t know when to stop. Even his own daughter has come out saying that her father needs to give it up according to The Australian. She even got in on the self-care joke that has been going around. Being the proud democrat that she is, she has said that her dad needs to firstly, stop lying for the president. Secondly, he needs to avoid using hair dye.

How the man, who played a big part in bringing New Yorker together after 9/11, can side with Trump is a mystery. Hell, the man was a hero to the people he once served. Now, he is just a reminder of person he once was.

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