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Talk About Entitled! Byron Bay Social Media Influencer Holds Up Plane Departure To Eat Oysters

Ruby Tuesday Matthews

Nothing says entitlement quite like social media influencers. While not all are bad and actually do good, there are those who think they’re special. Take Ruby Tuesday Matthews for example…

Social media can be wondrous place when it wants to be. However, not all influencers think alike. Some believe they are entitled to do what they want because they’ve got money and ‘influence’. Take Byron Bay woman, Ruby Tuesday Matthews as one prime example.

An article by Pedestrian.TV, alleges that the social media influencer held up a flight so she could wine and dine at a fantasy restaurant. It gets better. She was eating oysters. We’re not kidding!

Now, while we do not condone bullying of any description, Ruby Tuesday Matthews kinda deserved what came to her. The plane was already behind schedule and she only held it up more.

Ruby Tuesday Matthews has come out swinging at Jetstar for the ‘horrid’ experience she had and said it was not her fault. FYI, honey, but you have no shame. There were people on that plane who wanted to get home to their families. You held up the flight because you were hungry. Who cares if you had meetings? You should’ve thought of that when you scheduled them to begin with.

People were annoyed with you because of how selfish you were. While yes, we agree that the insults should not have been lobbed at your children, all they were doing was calling you, Ruby Tuesday Matthews out on your self-centredness and your entitlement.

How would you feel if someone held up a plane you’d waited hours for? The world does not revolve around you and nor should it. We’re in the middle of a pandemic where millions of people are fighting for their lives and you’re acting like you’re hard done by. Do you want your children to grow like you’re behaving? Be a nice person and think before you act.

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