Shocking News! Ruby Rose Exits Her Role As Kate Kane/Batwoman

Ruby Rose

In a surprise move, Batwoman star Ruby Rose has announced she will be leaving the role of Kate Kane.

It’s not unusual for a lead actor to leave a role on television series. Though, it’s odd when they leave a show after the first season when they’re the titular character. Well, Batwoman star (and fellow Aussie) Ruby Rose has announced she has left the role as the cousin of Batman just days after the first season’s impromptu finale.

What Happened?!

That’s just the thing. We don’t know why Ruby Rose chose to leave the role though it has been stated that it had nothing to do with health or injury. Honestly, it’s not really our business as to why she chose to leave the role. If we really had to guess, it might have something to do with the idea of having to film nine out of twelve months of the year.

Though, we could be totally wrong, which we likely are.

What Happens Now?

The CW has put out a statement saying that they are recasting the role of Kate Kane/Batwoman are doing it as we speak. There could be an announcement very soon, but we need to be patient.

Also, if they chose to use flashback scenes from early in season 1 that show Ruby Rose, they’ll have to reshoot them with whoever they get in to replace her. Is it going to be weird? Yes, it will be but that’s life and we wish Ruby all the best in her future endeavours.

Will Series Will Affected By A Recast?

Not really. The story is already written and the only thing that will really change is who plays Kate. Thankfully, they’re not writing the character out and having another take on the Batwoman mantle. It’s always been Bruce’s cousin and it should stay that way.

If they really wanted, they could have someone mention how different Kate looks. Hey, wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.

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