Two Separate Worlds: Meghan Markle And The Confusion Between Celebrity And Royalty


Being a royal spouse is not for everyone. Just ask Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas. However, there is a fine line between being royalty and being a celebrity.

Did the former actress Meghan Markle, now The Duchess of Sussex confuse royalty with celebrity life? It appears that might’ve been the case. In a post we wrote on Quora about how Paul Burrell was half right about how the royal wife didn’t know what she was walking into.

Now, we’ve said we’re not fans of the Duchess of Sussex given her behaviour and how she has forced Prince Harry into hating his country and family. Her stans will ‘agree’ with the sentiment that ‘the Firm’ is toxic because their goddess thinks this. Any sane person would know that the life of royalty means sometimes getting to wear fancy dresses and tiaras and going to do actual work on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen.

Meghan, however, seems to have confused the notion of being royalty as being similar to being a celebrity. Sorry, sister, but the two are not the same.

The Basis Of Having A Royal Title And Meghan’s View On Being Famous

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To be royalty, you need to do one of two things. Firstly, you need to born into the life or secondly, marry into it. However, if you inherit the feminine version of your husband’s fancy new title, you do not ‘own’ that moniker. If you and your partner split or they die, you basically lose the meaning of the designation.

One example of this is Sarah Ferguson. Upon her marriage to Prince Andrew, she became Her Royal Highness Sarah, THE Duchess of York. Note the use of ‘the’ because it is very important.

Upon their divorce, Sarah lost the HRH styling and the use of ‘the’ in her title. Since August 21 1996, she has been known as Sarah, Duchess of York. Though, the media adds her last name to it.

For Meghan, being a royal wife is the same as being as a celebrity. Before she and Harry got together, she considered herself to be famous. She wasn’t. Not by a long shot. Her show Suits wasn’t as well known as she believes it was. The series did not win any major awards in the years it was on air.

Meghan was a member of the main cast, but she WAS NOT the actual star. That credit went to her onscreen love interest, Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht who played his best friend. While her co-stars loved her, she was unimpressive as an actor. People only take notice when you’re doing good things, not getting into trouble with the law and being nice to others.

While Meghan was an actor, most people had never heard of her until her relationship with Harry had become public. In her eyes, she was ‘famous’ and was on her way to becoming an influencer with The Tig.

Becoming Royalty Means The Rules Apply To Everyone… Including You

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Meghan and her stans keep screaming foul that the royal family is toxic because the former actress ‘wasn’t supported’. FYI, she had all the help in the world. She even got to experience things that her sister-in-law, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge didn’t like going to Sandringham as a fiancée.

To be royalty means you have to follow the rules. Meghan believed because she had been given all these privileges that she was special and more important than her sister-in-law. Her belief was that she could shape the monarchy to her own liking. For instance, she would suggest something that she thought would be approved. However, because of where her husband sits in the line of succession, their ideas were not prioritised as highly as the Cambridges.

If we’re honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan complained why people did not curtsy to her when they did The Queen. It is rumoured that she threw a tantrum over not being allowed to have a certain emerald tiara that was going to be the main attraction of he wedding attire.

Meghan should have realised that her wedding wasn’t like any other. One of her guests would be The Queen of England herself meaning she would have to curtsy just as Catherine did on her own wedding day. Also, there is a load of differences between the Cambridge and Sussex nuptials. However, it would be disrespectful to Her Majesty if there wasn’t some ounce of dignity.

Meghan’s Privileges As An Actor

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As an actor on Suits, Meghan was in a position where she could shape a character across multiple seasons. She also had a role to play in shaping biracial women in television. After all, in the show her father is black and her mother is white. In real life, it is the other way around with her dad being white and her mum is African-American.

During her time on the show, it was here she started The Tig in May 2014, a month later in June, Suits premiered its fourth season. At this time, Meghan had been divorced from her first husband, Trevor Engelson for almost a year.

While it didn’t show in public, Meghan allegedly thought she was royalty and treated her husband like trash as she had basically used him to advance her career. This is what we’ve heard. If Ninaki Priddy is correct, this is where their friendship of thirty years ended.

Meghan also raised awareness for certain causes during her time acting, thinking it would help her become more well-known.

Was Meghan Attracted To Harry Or His Wealth And Position?

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There’s various versions of the story behind Harry and Meghan’s first meeting though it always revolves around a blind date that had been set up by friends. However, that doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that it is alleged that the actress wanted a rich man so she got set up with more than she bargained for.

Sure, she got a rich man, but she also got a prince. Did she ask for someone with a title? Probably not. Now, we need to address the elephant on the blog; does she love Harry for who he is or does she only love the wealth and the title he gives her through his family?

It’s unclear whether she genuinely loves him without the added bonuses, it has become apparent that whenever she is addressed in ad campaigns for various initiatives that she is never referred to as simply Meghan Markle which is what her name should be given she and Harry are no longer working royals.

If you look at how Harry is billed, he doesn’t overly use his ‘Duke’ title while his wife is always addressed as ‘Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’ or with her last name attached.

Also, Meghan has expensive tastes when it comes to her wardrobe. When she was a celebrity worth about US$5million, she couldn’t spend thousands of dollars on clothing. However, as a royal her spending habits became even more extravagant. In a year, she spent over a million dollars on just her maternity threads when she was pregnant with Archie.

Other royal women like Catherine and Eugenie don’t spend that much on their wardrobes. If anything, the amount goes nowhere near the million mark the way Meghan’s does.

Our Final Thoughts

Royalty is not what Meghan thought it was going to be. She believed that it would set her up for the rest of her life. The one thing she did not anticipate the hard work that she would have to participate in.

Celebrities do work to get themselves noticed, however royalty is the complete opposite. They work, not because they have to, but because they want to raise awareness.

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