They look like they’ve got the perfect lives, but the royals of the world are just like you and me. Their lives look like fairytales, but they have more restrictions than the rest of the world. The senior royals aren’t allowed to run their own websites, blog, social media accounts, etc.

While the world revels in everything related to the world of royals, it’s easy to forget they’re human too. We’re so captivated by their fancy lives that we want to be them. Okay, well, we want to share in their causes and pitch in to help with their charity work.

The female royals are seen as style icons and it all began with the late Princess Diana. As the mother of the future king, the former wife of Prince Charles inspired women all over the world. Her style influenced all who followed her journey from young bride to rebel royal.

Here we’ll cover everything from rumors and speculation to celebrations involving all royal families from around the world. We love all cultures here at Project: Fangirl so we’re not going to discriminate against anyone. So, expect there to be some interesting articles on the Monaco royal family and many of the other royal families. Who knows? You might find another favorite royal.

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Meghan Markle Will NOT Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral At ‘Advice Of Doctors’ – We Have Thoughts

Prince Philip’s funeral is coming up in a week’s time and it has been revealed (to no one’s surprise) that granddaughter-in-law, Meghan Markle will NOT be amongst the mourners…

former self

How Prince Harry Has Become A Shell Of His Former Self

Once one for a laugh, Prince Harry is now a shadow of his former self and it’s all thanks to a certain wife of his…


Photo Of William And Catherine In The Early Days Of Their Relationship Proves Meghan Wrong

They say a photo tells a thousand words. So… that means that what Meghan Markle in the Oprah interview about how her sister-in-law, Catherine wasn’t treated too badly by the UK Press is wrong…

Duke Of Edinburgh

Remembering His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – The Family Man

With the passing of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh we look back at his life as a family man…


What Happens With The Title Of The Duke Of Edinburgh?

With the passing of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh there comes the conversation of what happens with his title…

gayle king

The Outrage That Is Gayle King’s Comments Regarding Prince Philip’s Passing

Gayle King has made headlines… again… regarding the royal family…

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Prince Philip

Rest In Peace His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh

Rest in Peace His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh…

Windsor Castle

Talk About Diva Antics: Meghan Markle Wanted To Live At Windsor Castle

So… Nottingham Cottage and Frogmore Cottage wasn’t good enough? Meghan Markle wanted to live out her fairytale as a royal in Windsor Castle…


The Sussexes Called The Police 9 Times In 9 Months – Was There A Kidnapping Attempt Or Was It Their Way Of Getting Attention?

We know how paranoid Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about security but why there were the police called to their house 9 times in 9 months? Was it because of kidnapping attempts on them or Archie? Or was it their way of guilting Prince Charles into paying their security bill?

Andrew Morton

Diana Biographer Andrew Morton Debunks Yet ANOTHER Of Meghan’s Oprah Interview Lies

Andrew Morton, the journalist behind the best-selling Diana biography has debunked Meghan Markle’s claim that she didn’t live a normal life as a royal…


The Whole World Must Be Racist If They Don’t Believe Meghan Markle… How Is That A Thing All Of A Sudden?

When you’re one of the most talked about women in the world, you gain a reputation and usually not in a good way. Meghan Markle has the standpoint of accusing those who don’t believe her of being racist if they don’t believe her claims…


How Harry And Meghan’s Oprah Interview Tricked Viewers

A trick is a trick when it comes to Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah…

mental health

Why Didn’t Prince Harry Get His Wife Help For Her Mental Health When He Knew How To?

What kind of husband doesn’t get his wife mental health help when she says she’s suicidal?


Why The Rift Between Princes William And Harry Shouldn’t Be Hard On The Duke Of Sussex – He Started It!

The rift between Prince Harry and his brother William shouldn’t bother the Duke of Sussex because he caused it!


Harry, Meghan, And The Colossal Joke That Is Archewell

Has anyone noticed that the ‘Arche’ is a partial anagram of Meghan’s actual name ‘Rachel’?


The Warped Reality That Is Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Perfect Life

A warped reality is exactly what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are living in right now!


Why Did Oprah Want To Interview Meghan Markle To Begin With?

We’re still scratching our heads as to why Oprah felt Meghan was special enough to be interviewed by her…

word salad

Prince Harry Implied In The Oprah Interview That His Family Was ‘Jealous’ Of Meghan’s Performance During Their Australia Tour – This Is A Total Cop Out And Straight Up Bullshit

Prince Harry claims in the Oprah interview that his family was jealous of Meghan during the Australia Tour. We’re calling this a total word salad as his views are totally unfounded given his own past comments…


The Difference Between Pippa Middleton Talking To The Press About Catherine And Thomas Markle Talking About Meghan

Pippa Middleton is allowed to talk about her sister and her opinion matters. However, Thomas Markle cannot do the same with his daughter, Meghan. We break down the differences…


Where Are The Receipts, Harry And Meghan?

Meghan’s flying monkeys say the Sussexes have receipts of the royal family and their staff being racist and bullies towards them. Where are they then? Why haven’t they been released?

spectacle, special

Why Meghan’s Use Of The Word “Spectacle” Has Pissed A Lot Of People Off

To say that the Windsor wedding of Harry and Meghan was a spectacle is a massive understatement…

Princess Anne

Lady Colin Campbell Reveals Princess Anne Was The ‘Racist’ Royal But Says Her Comments Had Nothing To Do With Meghan’s Colour

Lady Colin Campbell has made the claim that Princess Anne made the ‘racist’ comments regarding Meghan and Archie but says the conversation was NEVER about Markle’s colour…


Who Do The Cast Of Suits Think They Are To Order The Monarchy To Apologise To Meghan Markle?

It looks like the cast of Suits has officially become Meghan’s flying monkeys…


No Silence: Why Royal Correspondents And Journalists Should Be Telling The Truth About Harry And Meghan And Not Being Told To Give Them ‘Glowing’ Reviews

Silencing your critics is a great way to lose respect…