They look like they’ve got the perfect lives, but the royals of the world are just like you and me. Their lives look like fairytales, but they have more restrictions than the rest of the world. The senior royals aren’t allowed to run their own websites, blog, social media accounts, etc.

While the world revels in everything related to the world of royals, it’s easy to forget they’re human too. We’re so captivated by their fancy lives that we want to be them. Okay, well, we want to share in their causes and pitch in to help with their charity work.

The female royals are seen as style icons and it all began with the late Princess Diana. As the mother of the future king, the former wife of Prince Charles inspired women all over the world. Her style influenced all who followed her journey from young bride to rebel royal.

Here we’ll cover everything from rumors and speculation to celebrations involving all royal families from around the world. We love all cultures here at Project: Fangirl so we’re not going to discriminate against anyone. So, expect there to be some interesting articles on the Monaco royal family and many of the other royal families. Who knows? You might find another favorite royal.

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Harry And Meghan Put Commonwealth On Blast While The Duchess Is Frustrated With Royal Family’s No Comment Policy

Blast everyone, Harry and Meghan! We triple dare you! The controversial royal couple are hitting back at the racism in the commonwealth. Not only that, the Duchess of Sussex is frustrated with the Royal family’s ‘no comment’ policy.

Me-Gain, blast

The ‘Me-Gain’ Factor: Why The Duchess Is Making A Big Deal Of Not Being “Protected”

And around we go again! Meghan is at it again by creating a big deal out of not being protected during her pregnancy and making an attempt to bend the monarchy into submission.

bitter jealousy; me-gain

Royal Drama: Writer Claims Meghan Is Not Only Jealous Of Catherine, But Beatrice And Eugenie Too

We have some seriously good bitter jealousy goss to share about the Duchess of Sussex! According to one royal writer, Meghan is envious of Catherine, Beatrice, and Eugenie. We’re not really surprised at the Kate bit but the royal cousins?

pregnancy announcement

What Is The Truth Surrounding Prince Harry And Meghan’s Pregnancy Announcement At Princess Eugenie’s Wedding?

A new tell-all book has allegedly gotten the scoop of what went down on Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding in October 2018 when it was revealed that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex was pregnant.


Only One Queen: Prince Charles Saw Duchess Meghan’s Struggles Coming

It is no secret that Prince Charles has a soft spot for his daughters-in-law, Catherine and Meghan, but did he see the Duchess of Sussex’s struggles before they surfaced?


Busting Boredom: Lady Colin Campbell Reveals Duchess Meghan Was ‘Bored’ At Prince Charles’ Birthday Party

Lady Colin Campbell hasn’t held back in her opinions of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Her new book reveals what happened at Prince Charles’ birthday. She was ‘bored’.

fame addict

Lady Colin Campbell Calls Duchess Meghan Out For Being A Fame Addict

Lady Colin Campbell might be right with her accusation that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is a fame addict.


It’s Not About Race. It’s About Personality. We Look At The Possible Reason Why The World Turned On The Duchess Of Sussex

When you’re a member of the British Royal Family, you have to know how to present yourself, even if that means having to hide your true personality from the world. However, the rule book applies to everyone in the Firm, including a certain Duchess of Sussex who was notorious for breaking the rules.


Whatever Happened To Those Alleged Prince William Cheating Rumours?

It seems so long ago that rumours were circling around an unlikely affair that was going on between Prince William and Rose Hanbury. The speculation came and went incredibly fast before the whole thing just died down. So, what exactly happened?


Author Emily Giffin Apologises For Her ‘Mean’ Criticism Of Duchess Meghan… We Don’t Believe Her And She’s Only Wants You To Buy Her New Book!

No matter how you might feel about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, she did not deserve the mean criticism she was dealt on her son’s first birthday from author Emily Giffin.


Are Prince Harry And Meghan Mooching Off Other Rich People?

Was it Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to mooch off A-celebrities when they moved to Los Angeles? It looks like it is as they have been hunkered down in Tyler Perry’s mansion since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.


A Royal Betrayal: The Editor-In-Chief Of Tatler Was A Personal Friend Of The Duchess Of Cambridge

A true friend would never approve or write an article about one of the most photographed and famous women in the world! The editor-in-chief of Tatler, the high society gossip rag that published a piece on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was allegedly a friend from her days at Saint Andrews.


Is The Palace Favouriting The Duchess Of Cambridge Over The Duchess Of Sussex When It Comes To The Media’s Treatment Of Them?

It’s one thing to write for a tabloid, but it’s something else entirely when it appears that the Kensington Palace is being accused of favouriting the Duchess of Cambridge over that of the Duchess of Sussex when it comes to the media.

Expecting Archie

Debunking The Royal RUMOUR: Prince Harry And Meghan Did NOT Ruin Princess Eugenie’s Wedding By Revealing They Were Expecting Archie

It’s long been rumoured that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan ruined Princess Eugenie’s wedding by revealing they were expecting Archie. However, according to an article by Harper’s Bazaar, this is far from the truth.


Why We’ve Come To Appreciate Princess Beatrice’s Selflessness

Princess Beatrice of York is pretty resilient given that her wedding has been postponed.

criticise; meghan; catherine

Does Meghan See Catherine As A Threat?

Royal wives have more influence than they use to. Since the days of Diana, Princess of Wales, the women who have married into the family have been allowed to use their voices. Since the arrival of American actress, Meghan Markle to the family we need to ask whether she views her sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge as a threat.


Why People Are Losing Respect For Prince Harry

It’s been a two-way street since Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle. They’ve taken the world for a ride with all the drama they have stirred up for no reason. However, we’re not going to talking about the issues with the Duchess of Sussex. We’re going to be discussing what’s going on with the Duke.


Something Borrowed Author Emily Giffin Tells Duchess Meghan To ‘Go Away’ On Archie’s First Birthday – Talk About Spiteful!

Say what you want about the Duchess of Sussex, but she does not deserve to cope spiteful comments on her son’s first birthday!

respect; threat

The Duchess Of Sussex Does NOT Fit Into The Royal Family

Okay, this really needs to be said even if everyone else is to modest to say it. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex doesn’t belong in the royal family.


Okay, We Really Need To Talk About Piers Morgan And His Hatred For Duchess Meghan

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle changed the way people view the British Monarchy, and while the Duchess has her critics, none have a firm hatred for her quite like Piers Morgan.


Prince Charles Recovers From Coronavirus

Good news, everyone! Prince Charles has recovered from Coronavirus!


Sussex Royal Is No More

Prince Harry and Meghan have retired their Sussex Royal Instagram account. It’s no more, folks!

the tig; fit

Could Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex Be Relaunching Her Lifestyle Blog, The Tig?

The Sussexes are no strangers to doing things differently. But since they’re no longer ‘senior royals’, could this be Meghan’s chance to revive The Tig?


Holy Crap! Prince Charles Has Tested Positive To COVID-19

Prince Charles, heir to the British Throne has tested positive to COVID-19.

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