They look like they’ve got the perfect lives, but the royals of the world are just like you and me. Their lives look like fairytales, but they have more restrictions than the rest of the world. The senior royals aren’t allowed to run their own websites, blog, social media accounts, etc.

While the world revels in everything related to the world of royals, it’s easy to forget they’re human too. We’re so captivated by their fancy lives that we want to be them. Okay, well, we want to share in their causes and pitch in to help with their charity work.

The female royals are seen as style icons and it all began with the late Princess Diana. As the mother of the future king, the former wife of Prince Charles inspired women all over the world. Her style influenced all who followed her journey from young bride to rebel royal.

Here we’ll cover everything from rumors and speculation to celebrations involving all royal families from around the world. We love all cultures here at Project: Fangirl so we’re not going to discriminate against anyone. So, expect there to be some interesting articles on the Monaco royal family and many of the other royal families. Who knows? You might find another favorite royal.

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Holy Crap! Prince Charles Has Tested Positive To COVID-19

Prince Charles, heir to the British Throne has tested positive to COVID-19.


Sussex Drama: Is Meghan Using Prince Harry To Up Her Own Image?

Is Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex using her husband, Prince Harry to up her own image?


Royal Split: Are Harry And Meghan Throwing A Tantrum Over The Queen Banning Them From Using ‘Sussex Royal’ Name?

Are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex throwing a tantrum over being told they cannot use their Sussex Royal brand name after they’ve officially left the royal family? It would appear that way and we’re going to break it down.

white men

Dear Privileged White Men, Keep Your Opinions About Meghan To Yourselves!

A Letter to the white men who constantly criticise the Duchess of Sussex

Duchess of Sussex; tantrum

When Things Wear Thin: Why The Duchess Of Sussex Is The Most Hated Commoner To Join The Royal Family

Nothing says negative press quite like the royal family. Known as ‘The Firm’, not everyone is cut out for it, but how different could it be from Hollywood? These were the thoughts of the now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.


Royal Split: Are Harry And Meghan Endangering Themselves Without Having Security

The last few weeks for the royal family has been messy to say the least, but have Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan endangered their lives by splitting from the royal family?

Royal Baby

The Sussexes: The Royal Baby Is Finally Here!

After months of waiting, the royal baby is here!

Instagram; tantrum

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Now Have An Official Instagram Account!

It’s not everyday the British royal family join social media!

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