Royal RUMOUR: Could Duchess Meghan Be Pregnant With Baby Number 2?


Could little Archie Mountbatten-Windsor be getting a little sibling?

Could the American addition of the Mountbatten-Windsor clan about to get a new addition? Rumours have been swirling that Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex is pregnant with baby number two. It’s been speculated on for a while. But, the reason this has come up with such force now is because the former working royal has asked for her court date surrounding her privacy lawsuit to be pushed back. Here’s the kicker: it’s been delayed by 10 months.

The court date was originally January 11, 2021, but the date has been pushed to October 15, 2021, according to Marie Claire. Could this have been Meghan’s way of telling the public she’s pregnant without saying it? Possibly.

Could This Push Back Mean Something Else For The American Portion Of The Mountbatten-Windsor Family?

Please bear in mind royal fans that this is simply a rumour. The court case might not have been pushed back because there’s another Mountbatten-Windsor on the way. It might be something else entirely like she realises she’s not going to win the court case or she doesn’t want to see her father.

Perhaps she has something to hide. Who knows at this point? The American Mountbatten-Windsor clan have shown themselves to be self-righteous and spiteful. All they care about is money and when they’re not willing to admit when they’re wrong.

The Sussex couple come off as biting off more than they can chew and it’s getting seriously old. They have no shame is bullying the royals into getting what they want. Who cares if Harry feels overshadowed by his brother? He always knew William would take the throne someday. Meghan has changed him, but for the worse rather than for the better. If anything, he married her because she reminded him of his late mother.

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