Stand Together For Family – How The Elder Royals Pulled Themselves Together To Mourn Their Father


The Queen and Prince Philip’s offspring pulled themselves together to farewell their father over the weekend. They were able put aside their differences. If only Harry could drop the grudges he has with his dad and brother…

Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward are very different in personality but when it comes to family tragedies, they put their personal differences aside to support their mother, The Queen. The weekend just gone has proven to be one of those times for the royal offspring to come together in the wake of their father, Prince Philip’s funeral.

In recent years, the middle brother, Prince Andrew has found himself in hot water given his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. He has been unapologetic for his actions. He did a trainwreck interview that forced the Queen to tell him to retire from public duties. However, in just the last week, he has made rare public appearances to honour his late father like the rest of The Queen’s offspring have.

Andrew was first seen out with brother, Edward, sister-in-law Sophie and niece, Louise as they viewed the tributes being left for Prince Philip. Then, a couple of days ago, he walked with his brothers, sister and nephews and other relatives behind Philip’s coffin. No matter what their opinion, Charles, Anne, and Edward put aside their feelings and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their disgraced sibling.

Harry Cannot Seem To Grasp Where He Sits In The Line Of Succession

Prince Harry has one thing in common with his Uncle Andrew; he cannot stand playing second fiddle to his older brother. Though, before Meghan entered his life, the Duke of Sussex didn’t seem to mind having to take a back seat. However, his wife has made him into an angry, bitter person who doesn’t take accountability.

The tension at the Duke Edinburgh’s funeral between the once close brothers spoke volumes. This is why Peter Phillips stood between his cousins. Also, Catherine had to encourage her husband and brother-in-law to talk.

Going back to Prince Andrew and being 12 years younger than Prince Charles is not his fault. However, he feels that he is somehow equally as important which is how Harry sees himself towards William. After all, ol’ Andy wanted to dress himself in an Admiral’s uniform despite never actually holding that rank.

Harry will never be king and neither will Andrew. These two will never grasp that they are not as important as those who who sit above them. Meghan has obviously made her husband believe he is more important than he actually is. This is why he has thrown all the tantrums he has.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

The Duke of Sussex looked really pissed off at the 2020 Commonwealth service which is seen here in Exhibit A:

string; clash; woke; word salad
[Credit: Daily Mail]

The reason for his anger here is because he and Meghan weren’t printed in the program when William and Catherine were. Their names not being in the program was because as of after the event, they would no longer be working royals. For anyone else, this would not have been a big deal. Then, there’s the whole thing where it was speculated that Harry wanted to keep his honorary military titles despite knowing he couldn’t.

Andrew Is NOT An Admiral And To ‘Spare’ Harry The Embarrassment

For anyone who might be confused by the Admiral thing, let us explain.

According to the Independent, the Duke of York had been due to be promoted to the rank of Admiral in 2020 to mark his sixty years on this Earth. This would’ve been an upgrade from his honorary rank of Vice-Admiral which he was given in 2015. For those still confused, he was in the Royal Navy like Prince Philip before him. However, he and Harry both allegedly threw tantrums about being told they couldn’t wear military uniform to the funeral. We wrote about it but didn’t have the the full story until now. It was just us voicing our feelings on the situation.

Anyway, the original story claims that The Queen said that no one was to wear military dress as it was to spare Harry ‘the embarrassment; from being the odd one out. Going back to Andrew and the Express, the Duke of York got ‘mocked’ for his demand as it would be seen as if he was dressing in costume rather than the uniform being a mark of respect for the decorated serviceman Prince Philip was in his long life.

The Queen should have made an example of her disgraced son and disrespectful grandson. She should have allowed the others to wear their uniforms to show them that true royals are loyal.

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