Royal Commentator States Obvious Regarding Harry And Meghan’s Brand Deals

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We thought this was obvious to everyone with a brain. Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti has made an observation regarding Harry and Meghan’s brand deals, according to Chloe Davies of the Express. The expert has said that the controversial couple got their deals with Spotify and Netflix due to their royal connections. Like we didn’t know this already.

When the couple announced they had gotten their brand deals, it’s obvious they got them due to being royals. Not because they had talent. As we’ve said numerous times before, Harry and Meghan have no talent. Markle was on a television series very few people watched, and Harry is the spare heir who had to cheat to get into Sandhurst.

All their lives, the Sussexes have had opportunities land at their feet. Meghan had acting jobs handed to her because her father and ex-husband were in Hollywood. Harry only got into Sandhurst due to who his grandmother is; the literal Queen of England.

If the couple were just Harry and Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor, they wouldn’t have all these brand deals they have yet to deliver on. Many people have said that Spotify and Netflix are probably pissed because nothing has been produced.

The Horrible Year Of No Content For Brand Deals

Harry and Meghan produced one podcast this time last year. The episode was panned and ended up behind whale sounds. 2021 was meant to be a huge year for Archewell Audio. Ultimately, we question whether they took the brand deals for the money and not the content. We all know how they both hate having to work for everything. To them, money literally grows on trees.

Also, several productions were announced for Netflix including, Pearl and Heart of Invictus. Both of these series are projects which forces more on the Sussexes than the subject matter. They’ve made hires, but will their content succeed?

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