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Chronicles Of Harkle: My Thoughts On The Oprah Interview – Oh, Boy!

Here we go! The Oprah Interview with royal ‘outcasts’, Meghan and Harry. So, I can say I have a lot to say about this little bombshell and honestly, from what I am listening to now as I type this already makes me want to throw up the huge bowl of ice cream I just had. How does the former actress even sit there with a straight face and claim she didn’t research who her now-husband and his family are? God only knows what Ninaki Priddy would say if she was watching it. Also, she wrote about Prince Charles and Catherine on The Tig.

Now, as an outsider I even know that you don’t curtsey for show for the Queen. It is a show of respect. Meghan is not naive to how the royal family works and she knows it. Oprah might buy it and a lot of Americans who watched it would’ve too, but those of us who actually live within the confines of a Commonwealth country know what it means to be polite to the monarch and we’ve never even met the nice lady.

Also, the stupid thing about what has seen shown so far is that Meghan claims she doesn’t read articles about herself and Harry. Ah, why are there articles about Harry reading comments about himself? Why is she always suing publications? It just does not make sense. Also, how do they know that the press were saying terrible things about them outside of friends saying so?

Archie’s Title And Skin Tone

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Okay, so we’ve just reached the part about Meghan’s pregnancy with Archie and how she wanted him to have a title and how people within the royal family were worried about the baby’s skin tone. Umm… what? I was following Murky Meg’s Twitter thread earlier today and when I saw this I was like you’ve got to be kidding! They’re calling the royal family out for racism regarding Archie’s skin colour before he is even born.

Now, I had a quick look earlier and it’s the morning/almost midday over in the UK at the moment and of the morning talk shows said that it wasn’t The Queen or Prince Philip who questioned Archie’s skin colour.

What makes this so frustrating is how she’s complaining that her son didn’t get a title and that her husband and son not having security. Like come on! She does realise that the Queen has other great-grandchildren that don’t have titles and they don’t go to school with security guards that watch their every move, doesn’t she?

The Suicidal Thoughts

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Meghan claims she was having suicidal thoughts when she was five months pregnant with Archie. Okay, now I have no doubts that being a royal is tough. While I am not disputing this as it is a very serious issue, why is it that Harry was given therapy for what he claimed to be years but she wasn’t allowed? Something’s off there.

This within itself is a massive contradiction of what has been said previously by Harry. Meghan is not doing herself any favors. Does she want the public to hate her even more? According to the latest MyGov figures, her approval rating is 32%. Ouch!

Also, the institution had to change its ways after Diana died tragically. It’s not like nothing has changed. If William had thought, for example that, Catherine would be subjected to the same treatment as his mother, he would’ve done something. In fact, she got training and briefings on how to do certain things. Meghan claims she didn’t get any of that.

Umm… Catherine had to learn the ropes over a period of years. Meghan’s experience was totally different and it had nothing to do with race. She became engaged to Harry like eighteen months after they met.

There is no way Meghan was naive to how the royal family functions. She might’ve claimed to not have researched her husband or his family when they got together, but her body language says otherwise alleges Bruce from the Believing Bruce YouTube channel.

So, I ask y’all this. Do you think Meghan was suicidal? For me, it’s hard to tell whether she is telling the truth or not. I’ve known someone who has considered suicide and it’s not always easy to see when someone is really struggling.

Kate Made Meghan Cry

[Credit: Glamour]

The one part of the interview that really annoyed me was when she alleges Catherine had her cry rather than the other way around. Seriously? Given all the crap that has come out about Meghan since the 2018 wedding, it makes me wonder if she is trying to protect herself for picking on the future Queen/Princess consort.

So much for ‘nice’ things being said about Catherine. What I couldn’t believe is how Harry could just take it lying down. He and Kate use to be super close like brother-sister close. We know he was watching Meghan talk.

I call bullshit on the ‘Kate made me cry’ comment.

All In All…

I’m just going to stop talking now as the interview really pissed me off. I’ll probably write another CoH post later but right now, I need to finish all the others I need to write.

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