Our Normal Skincare Routine


Routine Is Vital To Healthy Skin.

The human race are creatures of routine and habit. Having healthy skin is no exception to the rule. Moreover, this doesn’t mean covering over blemishes with heavy makeup or getting a chemical peel that may not work for you.

For this post, we’re going to be explaining our skincare routine.

Step #1: Micellar Water

The first thing we do after pushing the hair out of the face is to apply micellar water. We use makeup remover pads to do this. We wouldn’t recommend any other way.

First, we start by wetting an entire makeup remover pad with micellar water. We say use the whole pad because it covers more of the skin. As we mentioned, you can also see how much dirt comes from the pores. We use one, sometimes we use two pads. If we have BB Cream on, we use up to four.

There’s no correct way to apply Micellar Water. We begin with the oiliest part of the face: the bridge of the nose. We start from the centre and use the pad in circular motions across the face.

Step #2: Sapoderm Soap

Ah, yes. Sapoderm. We swear by this concoction. Our late grandmother saw our skin struggles and bought us some to help combat eczema. That was about twelve or more years ago. We’ve used it ever since.

It’s perfect for every skin type as it’s recommended by professionals. The reason it’s second in our routine is that we use it in the shower along with some kind of face wash which we’ll address in a moment.

We don’t just use the soap on the face. It also gets used on our arms as we break out in either not-itchy insect bites or sweat pimples. Not sure which one it is.

Step #3: Face Wash

The most important part of our routine is to apply face wash. Now, if you’ve read our other article on why you need to wash your face after using micellar water, you’ll know why. If you haven’t then, we’ll explain.

Micellar Water can leave your face feeling weird as you don’t wash it off. We highly recommend washing your face afterwards.

Over to face washes, the best thing you can use is something that is suited for your skin. When you buy products, be sure to check the label to ensure you’re buying the right thing.

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