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Marvel Rumour: Ironheart Is Joining The MCU In Her Own Limited Series


In the comics, she is Tony Stark’s successor, becoming Ironheart. Now, it appears that Riri Williams will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

Since Robert Downey Jr bowed out of the MCU, it’s been speculated who’ll be his successor. Spider-Man Far From Home had us wondering if Tony’s surrogate son and protégé, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) would take his place. If that film showed us anything, it’s that he wouldn’t be able to cope with filling his mentor’s shoes. But we know someone who might and her name is Riri Williams.

Williams is a relatively new character to Marvel, making a cameo appearance in Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 #7 in May 2016. Her actual arrival came two issues later in #9 of the same storyline. Created by Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato and Eve Ewing, Riri is a badass in her own right. 

However, the initial reception to the character has been underwhelming. This is due to criticism of her portrayal being inaccurate of a typical African-American teenager. The writing has also been under fire for not having a female writer of the same ethnicity writing the character.

RDJ Approves!

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Marvel actor Robert Downey Jr, has approved of Riri entering the MCU. The man who headlined the franchise we know and love today retired from his iconic role after filming on the final two Avengers films wrapped. However, the character appeared via flashback in the Spider-Man Far Home. He’s also slated to appear in 2020’s Black Widow.

If Downey gets his wish and Riri does join the franchise how would she be established? Tony already had a protégé in the form of Peter Parker. Perhaps, Stark had a second pupil that not even Pepper knew about. Can we just say now, we LOVE YOU 300, RDJ!

Rumours Swirling

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The rumour of an Ironheart project has been alluded to. In 2018, ScreenRant reported an Ironheart film script had appeared on The Black List. Moreover, there was even a Tweet from the official Black List Twitter account about the addition. It’s unknown if the screenplay is linked to Marvel Studios.

The writer of the potential feature is Jada Rodriguez who is an unknown screenwriter. However, it’s possible her script might’ve been test to see if she’d be suited for writing a screenplay for them in the future.

To write a comic book movie screenplay, you must own or have permission from the Intellectual property holder, in this case, Marvel.

Current Plans And Other Rumors

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The only information we have is Riri is joining is the MCU is a rumor. Also, fans appear convinced that Princess Shuri of Wakanda, the little sister of Black Panther could become Ironheart. Why do they think that? Well, it comes down to the young royal’s skills with technology. She’s the head of Wakanda’s tech division so it would make sense.

The theory of Shuri becoming Ironheart came with the trailer for the VR experience at The Void, Avengers: Damage Control. It’s possible but we don’t think it’ll happen given that the MCU tends to stick to its characters having the same alter ego as their comic counterpart.

Whether there’s an announcement soon about an Ironheart project, then we’re all in. We love seeing new characters added to the MCU and we hope that Riri makes an appearance..

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