MacGyver: How Riley Goes From Badass Hacker To Watching Mac In Prison


Riley Davis equals Badassery…

We’ve only just jumped on the MacGyver reboot train and so far, we’re loving it. It is so good to the point we’re in hysterics every episode. From the brotherly interactions between Jack and Mac to Bozer, not really understanding the definition of ‘no’, it’s fun. The reason we’re here is because of the baddest hacker around, Riley Davis.

When we meet her, Riley is in prison and we learn that she and Jack, Mac’s longtime partner-in-crime have history. She is recruited when MacGyver’s girlfriend, Nikki is supposedly murdered on the job.

As the few episodes we’ve watch play out, it’s great to see how the relationships that Riley forges with Mac and Jack play out. In the seventh episode, Mac goes undercover in a prison to bust out a felon who is a really bad dude.

Riley, who has just been busted out of jail, worries about Mac as she watches his progress through the prison’s security camera system. It’s this moment right here that shows there is potentially more to their relationship down the line than what is seen. Now, for anyone reading this who has watched the series, you’d probably be like, “Duh, MacRiley for life!” Fair, but we’re not that far into the show yet. So, please, cut us a little slack until we get there.

More Than Just A Black Hat Hacker

Riley proves herself to Thornton time and time again of being more than capable of handling herself. However, she’s not much of a physical fighter from what we’ve seen so far. She is being trained to take down her opponents. This shows that she is more than just a hacker to the Phoenix Foundation. She’s an essential part of the team dynamic.

Mac, Jack, and Thornton can see this and very quickly accept her into the fold that is their secret organisation that not even the CIA knows about.

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