Why The Rift Between Princes William And Harry Shouldn’t Be Hard On The Duke Of Sussex – He Started It!

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The rift between Prince Harry and his brother William shouldn’t bother the Duke of Sussex because he caused it!

Prince Harry continues to amaze the world with his hypocrisy and need to follow his wife Meghan’s beliefs. However, the rift between him and William should’t be hard on him. He started the bloody thing to begin with! The Mirror reports that the Duke of Cambridge is really struggling without his ‘best friend’. This claim comes from royal biographer, Duncan Larcombe who had spoken to OK! Magazine.

Before Meghan came on the scene, William and Harry were very close to the point that the eldest of the brothers was almost ‘paternal’ after the death of their mother, Princess Diana in a car crash in Paris in August 1997. The rift has been made as a comparison to that tragic event in their lives.

William and Harry were always very different in temperament but they always found some kind of equal footing. When the eldest of Diana’s sons married, the youngest was never left out. In fact, Catherine embraced her brother-in-law as another brother and he [Harry] had always thought of her as the big sister he never had. This changed when Meghan showed up.

We believe there was genuine concern from William regarding Meghan’s intentions. All he wanted was for Harry to get to know his new girlfriend before he even considered marriage. However, this did not go down too well and he branded Wills a ‘snob’ for even asking him to slow down. This is where we believe the rift started.

It wasn’t that William didn’t like Meghan. He probably did like her because she made Harry happy. However, could she have wanted him? This was a theory we had given several observations we’ve seen and things people have said over time.

Harry Should Be Thinking About This Rift Is Affecting His Brother And Not How His Wife Might Feel About It

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Whether we believe Meghan had eyes on William – despite him being very much taken – is up for debate. Though, we would not put it past her. When she realised he wasn’t interested, she likely backed off and just went about corrupting Harry against those who care about him most.

William is no fool. He would’ve seen Meghan’s intentions a mile away. Both he and Harry had people trying to use them all their lives because of their statuses as royalty. But, the now-Duke of Sussex had his turned off or muted when he met his now-wife because she was everything he was looking for in a bride. From what we’ve heard, the Duke of Cambridge was not impressed when it got back to him that his sister-in-law was bullying his young daughter, Charlotte.

It allegedly got so bad that he and Catherine agreed to pull her out of the dress fittings and not out the wedding. Instead, Harry’s goddaughter had to be used as a template as she and the princess were roughly the same size. No father wants to hear that his brother’s bride is being cruel to his child.

Harry should be considering his brother’s feelings on the rift that has been caused. However, he refuses to acknowledge that his wife is behind the manipulations to turn him against his family. If he actually cared about what William felt, he would be putting Meghan in her place and telling her that his family is just as important to him as she and their children are.

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