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Chronicles Of Harkle: Sorry, Harry And Meghan But The Public Is Sick Of Hearing About Your Rich People Problems!

There are only so many rich people problems Harry and Meghan can complain about and the world is getting sick of them blaming others for their own actions. I know how exhausted I am having to report on most of the antics of these two but I grit my teeth as the most important thing is the truth. Not ‘their’ truth. The actual truth that can be backed up with evidence. The most grotesque part of this whole Sussex vs. The Palace debacle is how everything has been twisted to suit the duchess’ race narrative. Here’s the thing. Nothing the royal family has ever been about what colour her skin is. They couldn’t care less if she were green or yellow! If they were racist like she claims then why would the Kingdom Choir be standing with Prince Charles? The monarchy might be old, but it’s not out of touch!

Now, I don’t normally use the Express as a source for anything, but I cannot find the story anywhere else. Chris Ship, a royal reporter has been told by multiple sources that the public is tired of seeing Harry and Meghan in the media everyday. He’s not wrong. For the last month, every single day has been coverage debunking everything the Sussexes claimed in the Oprah interview. While I love a good debunking, the couple need to stop complaining about their rich people problems. We are in the middle of a pandemic were millions of people are dying and what do they do? Bitch about how they were ‘cut off’ and ‘racially abused’ when they weren’t.

Headlines Were Not All Racist

The headlines shown in the interview were altered to make it look like Meghan was being racially abused. Yes, there were some articles in the early days of her relationship with Harry that were really demeaning and cruel. However, what a lot of people might not realise is that some of the titles shown in the ‘tell-all’ that weren’t even from the British press.

There was one I spotted when I was watching the interview from one of the Australian tabloid magazines. It was either from the Woman’s Day or New Idea. There was even a few from US trash mags. In a nutshell, the Sussexes didn’t just throw the British tabloids under the bus but the US and Australia too.

I will never condone the tabloids in ANY country. All they care about is money and not printing the truth. However, if I think a story is true and it’s printed in a trash mag or an associated website, I will proceed with caution and say that it’s speculation when necessary.

Going back to Meghan, I have no doubt that she likely had a say in which headlines were to be altered. I do not make this assumption lightly as I don’t like having to call anyone out unless there is concrete proof. The reason I say this is a simple one. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said before their intentions were revealed, they wouldn’t cooperate with various media outlets. According to The Guardian, they stopped working with four of seven publications in the royal rota. These include The Sun, The Mirror, The Mail on Sunday, and likely, The Daily Mail according to Harper’s Bazaar. This leaves The Times, The Evening Standard and the Daily Express.

Editor’s Note: The Harper’s Bazaar article only mentions three of the four.

Why Can’t Harry And Meghan Just Have A Private Life And Not Flaunt Their Rich People Privilege?

To finish this post off, we need to ask the very important question of why are Harry and Meghan flaunting their rich people privilege when they wanted privacy and a private life? Here’s my opinion on the situation. They didn’t want to live like ‘normal’ citizens. In face, they do not understand the concept. They claim to want to live like Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice who live privately. However, there is a difference between the two situations.

The first is, Bea and Eugenie do not try to make money of their titles and do live privately as they can. They also have normal people jobs.

In regards to our second difference – this one revolving around Harry and Meghan – they have a constant need to be in the press for whatever reason. If they did what Bea and Eugenie do then people would leave them alone. However, since they are not doing this, it brings out the criticism.

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