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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas’ Grief Turns To Anger – He Wants To Find Vinny’s Killer


Revenge is a dish best served cold as the saying goes…

Thomas’ grief over the death of his best friend, Vinny turns to anger as he asks how his pal died and who did it. Could it lead to possible revenge? After he and Hope identify the body, he asks soon-to-be brother-in-law Finn about his buddy was killed. The hot doc explains that the druggie was hit by a car and left for dead. He tells the pair that there’s going to be a criminal investigation as the driver didn’t stop.

Little do the three of them realise, it was Liam and Bill who hit and killed Vinny. Though, we think there might be more to it than we think. As do a lot of other people. How can anyone explain why the druggie was walking in the middle of the road at night? If Thomas does want revenge, then it’s going to hurt Hope. His target will be her estranged husband and his father.

Wyatt Walks In On Bill And Liam’s Tense Conversation

Speaking of Liam and Bill, their odd behaviour tips Wyatt off that something isn’t right. He shows up at his dad’s house, leading his father to have a go at him. Dollar Bill covers his tracks by explaining that to him that his brother is still upset to be separated from Hope.

Wyatt doesn’t appear to buy it at first but apologises for being so intense. Though, we don’t think he 100% believes that the tension has anything to do with Liam and Hope’s separation. Of the three Spencer men, it’s Bill’s son with Quinn who has the brains… most of the time.

Whether he finds out what his father and brother did is yet to be seen but knowing him, he’s going to try and protect them.

Thomas Blames Himself

Before Thomas begins to have a thirst for revenge, he blames himself for what happened to Vinny. While none of this is his fault, he believes it is because he blocked him in his phone and his pal couldn’t reach out. He then goes over how his BFF had his back when he was struggling after the whole Beth situation and how he gave him a roof to live under.

Hope tries to talk down down off the ledge by telling him that what Vinny did was of his own making. Finn cuts in and says that he’s sorry that something so horrible happened to Vinny but the police are going to find out what happened.

Thomas suddenly snaps out of his grief says angrily but the police had better find Vinny’s killer. If they don’t, he’s going to do it himself.

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