Revenge Plot? Could Meghan’s Chat With Oprah Be Her Way Of Getting Into Hollywood When They Originally Dismissed Her?

revenge plot

Did Meghan have a revenge plot against Hollywood?

In the last two weeks, we’ve reported on almost nothing but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. As much as we’d love to report on other members of the royal family, these two entitled brats just won’t go away. We recently found a fascinating article by The Sun in the US just prior to the airing of the Tell-All which declares the chat with the media magnate as a revenge plot by the former actress. Why? Because Hollywood wouldn’t take her seriously.

Now, do we believe that there was a revenge plot? Well, we cannot say for sure. We don’t like saying yes to something that we have no business commenting on. However, we do believe there is more at play than just some petty vendetta against studio executives who saw her as an actress with limited talent and who did not have the star power a lot of others have. This has zero to do with the race narrative she has been sprouting. It has to do with her self-centred attitude that she’s a great performer who should be in movies that feature A-listers and be attending the best parties.

However, that’s not what happened. It appears a revenge plot started to get what she wanted; universal fame. She got that but not in the way she expected. She thought she would be beloved the world over like Princess Diana. The planet has far better things to worry about an actress who was on a cable network series that a very small percentage of the world watched. We’re fighting a pandemic, for god’s sake.

Backed By A Co-Star Who Was Involved In Body-Shaming

revenge plot
[Credit: Hollywood Reporter]

If there is one thing that is just beyond stupid, it’s Meghan’s so-called friends coming out of the woodwork to say she’s a nice person. One of those individuals is Patrick J. Adams who played her partner in Suits. Since he has come out supporting her, it has re-emerged that he has said some rather distasteful things about a plus size woman, according to Pakistan Today from back in 2018.

This kind of behaviour from any person is just disgusting. Also, this is a man who is shaming the monarchy which just so happens to have ties to his home country of Canada. If he thinks his public backing of Meghan is going to do him or her any favors, he’s sorely mistaken. His faux pas was dug up when he supported her so if he’s not careful, other distasteful grievances may come to light.

Revenge Plot To Settle A Score With Hollywood Bigwigs?

revenge plot
[Credit: Vox]

Meghan always believed she was destined for bigger and better things, but appears to never be happy with what she has. Though, she appears to be pleased with what she has done to separate her husband from his family and friends. We’ve spoken about the silence from Britain regarding H’s friends.

Now, former friends of Meghan came forward few years ago to give us a rather unflattering look into who the now-Duchess of Sussex is. She use to practice her Oscar’s speech in the mirror and just loved the spotlight. At the time, these associates were ignored because the British public LOVED their new royal. However, the tide has now changed as she has alleged that her adopted homeland is entirely racist.

While her former brethren are frothing at the mouth to defend her against ‘the big, bad monarchy’, they’re buying into her crap. This has made Hollywood bigwigs stand up and take notice. Look at the Netflix and Spotify deals Meghan and Harry have made. They’re giving the middle finger to the royal family because they’ve sided with the same company that has turned personal drama into a television show with The Crown.

This whole revenge plot was to show the bigwigs of Hollywood what she’s made of. Giving Hollywood execs the middle finger reveals the hostile environment in which she has created. Now, she strives to be a producer when she has zero experience. We can also not see her sitting in front of her laptop with screenwriting software open.

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