Harry’s Revenge On His Grandmother Was Doing The Oprah Interview Because She Took Away His Military Titles

Grow some balls, Harry! Revenge is so tacky coming from you…

Revenge does NOT look good on Harry. He looks foolish the more he throws tantrums because he didn’t get what he and Meghan wanted. So, the Daily Mail put out an article reporting that the Duke of Sussex wasn’t happy that his grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen stripped him of his patronages and his beloved yet honourary, military titles. What does he do next? Well, within 24 hours of that decision being made, he and Markle decided to agree to Oprah’s offer for a ‘tell-all’ interview.

And well, we know how well that went down. The woke adored them and were lapping up everything they were saying. Meanwhile, the sensible people in the world were debunking most of the claims they made.

Does the man have no shame? His grandfather, Prince Philip had been in the hospital a few weeks by the time the interview was filmed and likely knew he was dying. If the reports are correct, then the Sussexes were well aware of the situation. But, they didn’t care. After all, there was that story about how Meghan felt the palace was using Prince Philip as an excuse to muzzle her into keeping quiet.

Harry Was Meghan’s Go-To For Hollywood Work

Harry doesn’t understand that because he moved out of the UK that he could no longer keep honours like his military titles and patronages if he wasn’t going to show up to events. Look at what happened with how he ditched a memorial service for deceased service personnel to rock up to The Lion King premiere just so he could Meghan voiceover work.

Couldn’t they have divided and conquered? Why couldn’t he go to the memorial while she went to the premiere? After all, she is the ‘Hollywood’ starlet. No, Meghan couldn’t get rejected so she pulled Harry to the event, leaving him to ditch people who were in mourning so that he could talk on her behalf while she schmoozed with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Harry even had the gall to say Meghan’s voiceover work is good. Umm… he’s done voiceover work before and he sounds way better. That’s like a ‘close friend’ – really Meghan – saying she’s a good writer. No, she’s not. She’s not a good writer, actor, or voiceover artist.

Essentially, Harry had to do her dirty work for her by talking to Bob Iger, who was the head of Disney at the time. Also, Meghan was standing just metres away from them, likely listening in to ensure he did what she wanted.

Revenge Will Backfire

Harry’s attempt to reap revenge on his grandmother is ultimately backfiring on him. The palace is now fighting back against him and Meghan and it’s clear that Her Majesty is fed up with their antics. Yes, it is obvious to most people, but the royals know when to pick their battles.

Look at how happy William is compared to his brother’s claim his sibling and their father are both trapped in their positions as future monarchs. Harry is jealous and he thinks going to Oprah and spilling his guts is a perfect form of revenge. It’s not. This just shows how immature he is.

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