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The Bold And The Beautiful: Will Quinn Succeed In Getting Rid Of Brooke?

Woah! Today’s The Bold and the Beautiful got heated and it looks like Quinn won… or did she?

Brooke and Bill’s cabin kiss has been exposed at the reunion party and boy did the tension sizzle! Ridge clocked Bill while also refusing to believe that the smooch meant nothing. Despite the media mogul issuing what actually happened, no one forgives him and his sister-in-law for their unlawful act.

Meanwhile, all Quinn can do is beam like the Cheshire Cat! She’s getting her way, but how long is it going last? Next week, she’s going to admit she leaked the video and possible she’ll reveal that Shauna filmed it. We also know from spoilers that Ridge heads to Vegas to see his new flame/friend.

How Shauna Is Different To Quinn

Despite being best friends, Shauna and Quinn are very different. While they have both have a thirst for rich and powerful men, one is willing to scheme to get what she wants. The other doesn’t want to ruin relationships.

Quinn has always resorted to scheming to get what she wants and 99% of the times her plans are always short-lived. So, her plan to out Brooke and Bill’s kiss at the reunion party was as a success. Don’t expect it to last.

There is no doubt Eric is going to be absolutely livid when he finds out it was his darling wife who uploaded the video to ruin his son and daughter-in-law’s reunion. He’s told her a million times not to get involved but she goes ahead and does it anyway. Why? Because she hates that Brooke has more power of the family than she does. Also, she despises that her rival told her husband to leave her.

Shauna might seem like the terrible woman for falling for a married man, but she sees what Quinn doesn’t. Ridge is head over heels for Brooke and he always has been. Despite getting back together and breaking up a lot over the years, they would always find a way back to each other. Flo’s mother knows this too well and doesn’t want to get in the middle of it.

This small gesture, no matter how strong her feelings for Ridge are, goes to show that she knows when something is a lost cause. Quinn should listen to her.

Reunion Bust Up!

[Credit: Twitter – The Bold and the Beautiful]

We understand that Ridge is angry at Brooke for ‘betraying’ him with his arch enemy, Bill. However, he’s the world’s largest hypocrite. He kissed Shauna and his beloved Logan was pissed. So, why he is upset when Brooke kisses his rival? He said when he kissed Quinn’s BFF it meant nothing and he snogged her twice. Brooke smooched Bill once and it was caught on camera. It’s not like everybody jumped into bed with the other!

The reunion party was meant to be a ‘new beginning’ for Bridge. However, the arrogant, conniving and scheming Quinn wants Ridge with Shauna so she has to get rid of Brooke once and for all. Somehow we don’t think this is how Bridget imagined her return to LA to be. Finding out her mother kissed her aunt’s other half?

Bill calling Ridge out for not listening to Brooke about Thomas has to be the best part of the whole episode. Despite some of his own, misgivings, he’s right. The Dressmaker didn’t listen to his wife and now he’s dealing with the consequences.

If there is one thing Bill has learned it’s family is everything. He didn’t get to see Liam and Wyatt grow up but he got a third chance with Will. He’s even making up for lost time whenever he pays his granddaughters a visit. Bill did the right thing as Ridge believes that he’s better than everyone else and can get away with everything while everyone else’s bad decisions are a ‘betrayal’. Grow up, dude!

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