Olivia Jade’s Fake Résumé Has Been Revealed

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A résumé is meant to show off your skills and talents, not lie about things you don’t know how to do…

Olivia Jade’s comeback has been short-lived as she has not posted a video in a month. Given everything she is going through, we suspect she’s plotting her promised vlog as we type this article out. In the last few days information has come out regarding some of the documentation that got submitted to USC. Meanwhile, one of those items was her fake résumé which gushes about her accomplishments as a coxswain.

What The Résumé Contained

According to the New York Times, the document mentions how ‘highly talented’ and ‘successful’ Olivia Jade was as a rower. It goes on to mention that she ‘rowed’ in races like the prestigious Charles Regatta which takes place in Boston.

Most of the personal information is redacted but it’s easy to tell whose résumé this belongs to. The graduation date is 2018 and the mention of ‘her sister’ in reference to Isabella.

How Could This Evidence Be Used In Court?

It’s hard to say how the résumé might be used as evidence. It will either be used as a godsend for Olivia’s parents for something that is used against them.

It might go in their favour as Lori and Mossimo allegedly had no idea that a résumé existed, which is claimed by People magazine. However, it may go against them as it shows how planned out their crime went by making documents seem official when they weren’t.

Whether the judge believes that Loughlin and Giannulli didn’t know about the résumé isn’t clear The reasoning can be as simple as they’re the telling the truth. Though it might be as complicated as their past with lying on offical documentation.

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