RENEWED! Stargirl Will Return For Season 2 With A Slight Change

renewed for season 2

Stargirl has been renewed for season 2! We’re so excited to see where Courtney and company go next, but there’s a slight change on the way as well.

Yes, we know! We’re several days late to reporting on the news that Stargirl has been renewed for season 2. The series has been ridiculously amazing and has given us something to look forward to week-after-week. With the renewal comes some news we kinda suspected too. As most viewers will know, the show airs on DC Universe before it shows on The CW a day or two later.

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However, come season 2 the series will NOT air on DC Universe and will be exclusive to The CW. Now, before everyone complains that this was a stupid move, just listen to what we have to say before you go blasting us in the comments.

The CW will only contribute to the show’s budget and when it airs. Unlike the other DCTV shows, all the costumes and locations are already available given the amount of money that was supplied by DC Universe for season 1.

Behind-The-Scenes – No Need To Fear!

We know there’s a load of upset that The CW will have exclusive rights to the show, but you don’t understand how distribution works. There’s more to making a television series or a film than just the network or the studio.

There might be minor things like the quality of special effects that may suffer given the budget, but if Geoff Johns wasn’t happy with the arrangement, he wouldn’t have gone through with allowing the show to air on The CW to begin with.

Furthermore, there has also been hints to the change for awhile. The most obvious one is how the Twitter account for Stargirl says ‘CW’ in its handle. Just a quick search of the platform shows that there’s no Twitter account for the series that associates with DC Universe. There’s one for Titans which has the letters ‘DCU’ short for DC Universe in its handle.

There’s nothing to worry about. The show is still being written by the same people that wrote the first Season. Also, the showrunners are the same and the series will still be shot in Atlanta. Geoff Johns has a specific vision that he wants the show to go in and it’s also his baby. He created Courtney Whitmore and he wants to stay true to his vision.

We should also point out many people have questioned whether the show’s production would be moved to Vancouver like the Arrowverse shows. No, it will not. Check out the Season 2 page on the Stargirl Fandom site for more details.

It should be noted that Black Lightning which is now an official Arrowverse series also shoots in Atlanta.

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