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The Bold And The Beautiful: Why Liam Did The Right Thing In Removing Kelly From Steffy’s Care

Steffy has hit rock bottom and the last thing she needs (in her view) is Liam removing their daughter, Kelly from her home.

Liam’s had to deal with a lot in the past few episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful. With Steffy having hit rock bottom due to the pain she has been suffering from the accident she had involving Bill and her motorbike. She has become dependent on opioids and she crossed a line when she passed out on the couch with her daughter in the next room. Liam has become adamant (as he should) that removing Kelly from her mother’s home is the best option. However, there are a load of people who don’t think he did the right thing.

We conducted a poll on Twitter to see what people thought about the subject of leaving a child in a home where one parent has a drug problem. This is the result we got:

When we ran the poll, may people believed that it would be best for a child to stay with the parent with the addiction. However, after the final episode for last week when Steffy threatened Brooke, Hope, Liam, and Ridge with that knife, people were singing a very different tune, hence the result we got above.

Liam Shares Custody And Hope Does NOT Want To Keep Kelly!

People often forget that Steffy is not Kelly’s only parent. Liam is her father and he has custody of her, hence his decision to remove her from the house. Before all you Steffy fans go, “Yeah, but she’s a single parent who is raising Princess Kelly singlehandly” stop right there.

Liam has always been present in Kelly’s life even if he is with Hope. He has never stopped her visiting her sister and cousin. Also, Hope adores Kelly and thinks of her as one of her own. This does not mean she’s ‘stealing’ her from Steffy. Not even close. She has custody of Douglas because it was what Thomas wanted when he was obsessed with her. Also, she adopted him in the same way Eric adopted Marcus, Donna’s son all those years ago.

With Hope, she only wants what is best for Kelly. She would never take her from Steffy. The Beth situation was totally different. The baby was stolen. There’s a massive difference. Yes, the Forrester heiress raised Beth as her own, unaware she’d been kidnapped.

As much as Hope adores Kelly and seeing her with Beth and Douglas feels her joy, she does not like having to remove the little girl from her mother. Fans calls her a goody-too-shoes but she has a big heart. That doesn’t make her better than anyone else. She is just concerned as any mother and friend would be. All she wants to keep Kelly safe.

Steffy Declares Kelly Will Hate Her Grandfather For Keeping Her Away From Her Mother

Steffy’s constant drug-fuelled rambling in last week’s episodes have Liam, Brooke, Hope, and Ridge all concerned. If having her ex-husband removing their daughter from her house wasn’t enough, she claims that Kelly will hate her grandfather for siding for those [Brooke, Liam, and Hope] for keeping them apart.

This was likely very painful for Ridge to hear, but he didn’t show it. His first priority is getting his daughter help so she can see Kelly again. If anything, him staying at her house after she pulled the knife on him, Brooke, LIam, and Hope has only made him more determined.

At least, the Forrester fashion designer has the decency to realise his mistake this time. Last time, he enabled Thomas to run around after Hope with a full blown obsession that he denied, despite Liam seeing straight through it.

Ridge is one of those men who won’t admit when they’re wrong, but given Steffy’s addiction and knowing Brooke wouldn’t lie to him, its good see he’s standing against his out-of-control daughter. He knows how much his granddaughter means to Steffy, but the last thing he wants is for her to blame herself for accidentally harming her child while in a haze.

If anything, Kelly will thank her grandfather for siding with her dad and stepmom someday.

Finn’s Reaction To Steffy’s Lies

As a doctor, Finn always looks out for his patients, but Steffy is a very special case. He is a professional, but the Forrester makes him weak at the knees to the point she manages to kiss him when he tries removing himself the equation.

When he learns from Liam and Hope that Steffy has been lying about her drug use, he is gobsmacked as he thought she was getting better. When he shows up with Liam at the cliff house, he questions her, asking where she got the drug. This does not go down well with her as she thinks he’s ‘against’ her like everyone else.

The Intervention

Liam and Finn decide to team up to begin an intervention in order to get through to Steffy. We know from episode briefs that Ridge gets involved too as he is staying at his daughter’s house. He’s also forced to set in when she does to leave the house.

Despite Steffy’s desire to get Kelly back, Ridge tells her that Liam removing the child was the best move. This comes before she resumes screaming him saying that she will never forgive him. In the promo for this week, it was revealed that she finally caves, and realises she has become an addict.

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