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The Bold And The Beautiful: Give It A Rest, Liam! Steffy FINALLY Removes That Damn Picture From The Wall! Oh, and Hope Calls Her Husband Out On His Selfishness


What an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful today’s was! Thank god, we see Steffy remove that photo of her and Liam from the wall of her house! We also get Hope calling her husband out!

Remove that picture, Steffy, yeah we stand with you! After years of pining for Liam, the Forrester heiress has finally accepted that her life with her ex-husband is a faded memory. Having gotten engaged to Finn and discovered the true paternity of her baby, she is looking to the bright future.

Meanwhile, Brooke is still skeptical of Thomas, which even he admits she has every right to be give his history. He explains (again) how he came to realise what his pal, Vinny had done. He thought he’d be doing him a favour. We also learn that the drug peddler has been caught by Lieutenant Baker who we’ll be seeing very soon.

Finally, we have Hope calling Liam out on how he still loves Steffy and how he might be a loving and kind man, but he’s also desperate to be liked and he’s selfish. YES! That is exactly what we’ve wanted to hear for literally years, especially from her! She deserves so much better than a waffler who wants two lives but can only live one. Sure, she and her husband have a daughter together, but he also has Kelly which we’ll get to in a moment.

Steffy And Finn Tell Kelly About Their Engagement

We get to see Kelly this episode and her mother and Finn tell her about their engagement. Steffy explains that Liam will always be a part of their family, but her now-fiancée is going to be in their lives a lot more. The doctor tells his new stepdaughter that he’s never been stepdad before but he’s going to do the best he can.

Steffy later reveals to Finn that she hasn’t told Kelly that he’s father of the baby, though her daughter knows about her new sibling. She is questioned to whether it would confuse the little girl.

For Steffy to remove the picture of her Liam from the wall goes to show that she has finally moved on from him. Whether she will be happy with Finn and not have to worry about her old feelings is yet to be seen. She does eventually tell Kelly about who the dad is as she walks in on her mother and stepdad kissing.

Hope Questions Liam About His Feelings For Steffy

We’ve noticed that Liam seems disappointed that the baby Steffy is carrying isn’t his. There was every chance it could’ve gone the other route; him being relieved. But having this way, kinda makes more sense. This shows how incredibly insensitive he is towards Hope’s feelings.

Liam also blames Hope for him running back to Steffy the night they slept together because she [Hope] kept pulling Thomas into their lives. Ummm… he is Douglas’ father and has every right to pulled into their family. That’s a double standard because he [Liam] keeps walking into his ex-wife’s house whenever he wants.

Hope manages to get him to admit to still having feelings for his ex-wife and to her credit, calls him selfish because he cannot decide what he wants. She says that while she loves him, she cannot see where their future will end up. They were thrilled when they got Beth back, but for her husband to still want his ex and then proceed to sleep with her is just not wrong; it’s disrepectful.

To add to this, we need to point out that Liam should’ve known that Hope would NEVER betray him with anyone, especially Thomas. Though, he didn’t use his brain and went running, again, to Steffy.

Brooke Still Hesitant To Believe Thomas

Thomas understands why stepmother Brooke is hesitant to believe his good intentions. His father, however, isn’t too thrilled his wife doesn’t want to believe his son has changed. What was surprising was that Tom actually said he understood why she still though he was still in love with her daughter.

Ridge needs to shut up and realise that his wife does not think the way he does. He is so eager to believe his son has changed that he refuses to allow anyone think otherwise. He has always done this and quite frankly, it’s gotten annoying.

Brooke has seen Thomas do a LOT of destructive things in the past outside of what happened with Beth. He’s tried killing Rick a number of times and he’s even killed Emma Barber which has never been bought up again. Let’s not forget that he drugged Liam and it hasn’t been mentioned.

Our Grievance With Liam – Remove Him!

We’ve mentioned that we hope Steffy and Hope remove Liam from their lives completely. He cannot decide who he wants and he doesn’t want them to be happy if they want to move on. He hated Finn for absolutely no reason outside of him being extra attentive to his ex-wife outside of her hospital visits.

Liam is married to Hope and had no right to dictate who his ex-wife gets to see. We the audience can see his mind ticking over as he ultimately feared that if Finn and Steffy got married, the doc would ‘replace’ him as Kelly’s father. Number one, that won’t happen as her mother would not allow it. Secondly, she’s not the type of person to force her child to call her new partner ‘dad’. Finally, Ridge would never allow his daughter to keep his granddaughter away from her father. He tried that with Thomas when Douglas was born and it backfired.

However, the one thing that pisses us off is how Liam tries so hard to be liked by everyone. Hope is right when she says that he’s selfish and so desperate to have everyone like him. Finn and Thomas already see through him and so does Vinny. No wonder the drug peddler tried to remove him from Hope’s life.

Why Steffy and Hope fell in love with him is anyone’s guess. But, he needs to realise that not everyone has to have a shining review of him. He also needs to wake up to his mistakes. He makes the same ones time and it’s sickening for the audience. No wonder people have been tuning out.

If Liam wanted another child with Steffy, he should never have left her to begin with. The photo on the wall will remove some of the hostility between him and Finn just a little but we do not expect it to last. If the doc were to have his way, the waffler wouldn’t be in his fiancée’s life.

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