Stargirl: Did Shiv Part Two Begin Henry King Jr’s Redemption Arc?

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With the next two episodes of Stargirl focusing on the Kings, did we see Henry Jr’s redemption arc begin in Shiv Part Two?

When we first meet Henry King Jr in the Stargirl pilot episode, he came across as a stereotypical bully who happened to have a popular girlfriend and got on the slut-shaming train of his ex. However, we learned very quickly that there’s more to this jock than what he portrayed at school. His dad looked down on him and his GF treats him like her own personal lap dog. From the moment we saw what happened between him and Yolanda, we sensed a redemption arc coming.

Let’s break it all down!

Deep Down, Henry Is Simply Human

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While it might be hard to believe, there’s so much more to Henry what is portrayed. Deep down, he feels under-appreciated by the two people were supposed to support him. However, when Stargirl accidentally makes Brainwave’s mind short circuit, the younger King is understandably distraught that his dad might die.

This shows that Henry actually has a soul underneath that hardened exterior. What makes this redemption arc even more likely is the way he played into Yolanda’s downfall.

When Cindy leaks the semi-nude photo Yolanda sends Henry, you see the look of shock on his face. If he had known what Burman was going to do, he would’ve tried to stop it if he loved his then-girlfriend at all. Though, it is possible that he didn’t know she had sent herself the picture from his phone given how quick the transfer is.

According to Yolanda during her conversation with Courtney in ‘Wildcat’, she knew Henry had a reputation for stringing girls along. However, he was nice to her and that had her hold out hope that he could change.

Brainwave’s Coma

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We’ve seen how distraught Henry is over his father’s hospitalisation. It’s possible that the trauma of seeing his dad in which a state triggered his powers.

In ‘Shiv Part Two’, we see Henry discover more about his father including how Cindy became so attached him. He even uses his new abilities levitate an old-fashioned key to uncover Dr King’s Brainwave suit, a letter from Dr Ito (Dragon King) in regards to his daughter playing ‘obsessive girlfriend’ and a photo of Mrs King, whom hasn’t been referenced until now.

We even saw the power struggle between Courtney and Cindy where they both try to recruit Henry to their chosen sides. It doesn’t go too well as he accidentally throws to opposite sides of the street when he suddenly becomes overwhelmed with their thoughts.

Will Henry be the key that is needed to wake his father up? It might be part of a much bigger redemption arc that we might see play out. The reason we think this is because Courtney is going to try to recruit him to the JSA which a nod to the comics. This won’t go over well with Yolanda, Beth, or Rick.

JSA Recruitment

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Courtney knows that the ISA are dangerous and that if they aren’t stopped, Blue Valley as a whole will be put at risk. If she can recruit one of the kids of the villainous group, they might actually have a chance to put an end to their plan.

However, as Cindy points out to her dad, she’s the only ISA offspring that knows about the group. Henry, Cameron, Artemis, and Isaac and the late Joey are all in the dark about who their parents are.

Henry would have to have a really good reason for joining the JSA. Does he want to stop his father and his goon friends from destroying the country? Probably. Could it be his ticket to forgiveness from Yolanda? Maybe. It might even give him a chance to make up for being the asshole that he’s known for being.

A Better Influence

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Henry has been treated like dirt by not only Cindy, but his father too who is never pleased with anything he does. In Dr King’s eyes, his son is a massive disappointment as he appears to have not inherited his telepathic and telekinetic abilities.

If he were to join the JSA, they would be better influence on him than his dad and Cindy. It may even make him realise that his father and ‘girlfriend’ were only using him for their own benefits. It should be noted too that the Justice Society would understand what Henry’s going through regarding his toxic relationships with those around him.

Rick is probably the person whom is more like Henry given his upbringing with his abusive uncle always looking down at him. He also as a genetic to someone in a group like the JSA and ISA whereas the girls don’t.

With Henry’s dad being an ISA member, it would even the playing field if Junior were to join their ranks. All they’d need then is Cameron to level it out even more.

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