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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe Is A Changed Person And Destined To Be A Fashion Designer?


From baby secret keeper to jilted bride. Those are only a few things that have happened to Zoe Buckingham since her arrival in Los Angeles. Now, she’s been redeemed and she’s ready to take on a slight career change: could she be destined to become a designer?

Is Zoe Buckingham about to become a fashion designer? It might appear that way as the redeemed villainess has a new hairstyle which looks amazing on her and she’s helping Hope on her fashion line. She even got Ridge’s approval which was surprising given everything that has gone on with Thomas. Moreover, this includes the whole baby swap that almost destroyed Steffy’s heart.

However, we’ve only heard references to Zoe’s work on Hope for the Future but we’re praying there’s going to be more of this going forward. There has been a lot of growth in her character lately and that’s not something we normally see on Bold.

Most of the time, characters don’t grow and change and want to make themselves better. Miss Buckingham was one of those we just didn’t think could be redeemed.

Zoe The Redeemed

The baby snatcher’s daughter was a character we had zero love for. She hated Emma for dating Xander and her obsession got to the point where their pet cat died. Then she went after Thomas or he went after her, whatever comes first. Unfortunately, she was blinded by love for Ridge’s eldest son that she simply couldn’t see that he was obsessing over Hope and wanting her to be his wife and a mother to Douglas.

Before that, there was the baby swap where Zoe was desperate to not let her dad end up in prison. Furthermore, she was one of the ringleaders alongside Thomas who wanted Hope and Steffy to get her family back with Liam. When this ends up failing, The Logan heiress and the Spencer heir get their daughter back and they get back together… sorta.

We praise Zoe for getting through all the crap Thomas put her through. Despite not wanting to see it, she listened and realised Steffy, Liam, and Hope were telling the truth. She joined their quest to stop old Tommy boy from destroying lives. Therefore, it even got Ridge to shut up for once and consider that his son was an asshole.

Hope Trusts Zoe

If Hope didn’t trust Zoe, she wouldn’t have asked her to help her on HFTF. If we’re honest, we think having Buckingham working on the line might be Mrs Spencer’s way of thanking her in dealing with the whole Thomas fiasco. Seeing them team up against Tommy serves as a reminder not to mess with a Logan or a Buckingham. Therefore, together they are stronger! Woo!

In conclusion, we’re not sure when we will see Hope next but hopefully it will be with Zoe, teaching her the ropes. It would be great seeing her helping her new… protégé? become the very best she can be. Though, even if she doesn’t become a designer, it would be good experience for her.

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