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The Bold And The Beautiful: Shauna Becomes Ridge’s Unintentional Rebound

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It looks like Quinn is getting what she wants: Shauna with Ridge. However, will this rebound end in heartbreak?

No matter how hard Shauna tries, she did not want to be Ridge’s rebound. Well, he’s reeled her in to be just that. While Katie cries over Bill’s disloyalty and Brooke and Quinn continue to scream at each other, Flo’s mother struggles to get her crush to go back to his wife. In the end, she reluctantly agrees to allow him to go back to Vegas with her. Then there was a kiss and a hug and it ended there.

While Quinn has gotten her wish of destroying Brooke and Ridge’s marriage, how long will the rebound last and will it end in heartbreak for Shauna?

Why We Feel Sympathy For Shauna

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Okay, we hate that Shauna told her daughter to not tell Hope about Beth, but we feel sorry for her being caught in Brooke and Quinn’s verbal catfight about where Ridge belongs. She didn’t ask to see the Forrester Matriarch kissing her former husband. When we’re in shock, we do stupid things. Filming two people who aren’t together kissing is one of those.

Also, Shauna could see how upset Ridge was over Brooke not being with him. She didn’t want to get in the way of their reunion and certainly didn’t want to be a rebound. While she wasn’t directly involved in their breakup, she did unintentionally contribute by handing her phone to Quinn.

Will Quinn’s Scheme Ruin Her Own Marriage?

When Quinn set out to ruin Brooke, she didn’t think about how her actions might ruin her own marriage. She claims to be the Forrester Matriarch because she’s Eric’s wife, but she should know by now he doesn’t like infighting of any description. She’s also aware of his fondness for the Logans.

She also didn’t take Katie’s feelings into consideration. Why would she though? She’s a Logan and all that family are tramps as far as Quinn is concerned. What she doesn’t realise is there’s a possibility she will also be without a husband while Eric finds comfort with another Logan; Donna whom he has also been married to.

Whether Quinn knows Eric adopted her son Marcus is up for debate as she’s never met him to our knowledge at least. He might have come up in conversation off-screen, but who knows. But she if she isn’t careful, she’s going to be licking her own wounds when her husband kicks her out.

Bye bye, Morticia.

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