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Honouring A Legend: My Thoughts On The Passing Of Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman was a lot of things to the people who knew him best. However, to his fans and those who followed his work, he will forever be OUR T’Challa. OUR Black Panther.


Tony Abbott Wants People To Die From COVID-19 And He Apparently Hates Women

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is back in the headline for being a total douchebag! He wants people to keep dying from COVID-19 and he… hates women?


Australian Journalist Amelia Brace Testifies To US Congressional Committee After Being Shot At By Police

Seven Network Journalist and US Correspondent Amelia Brace has spoken out about her treatment in a session of the US Congressional Committee over how she and her cameraman were treated during the Black Lives Matter protests outside the White House.

legal action

Justin Bieber Launches Legal Action

With #MeToo back trending on Twitter, we need to talk about what it means and why Justin Bieber is launching legal action against Twitter users who have accused him of sexual assault.

panic buying

Here We Go Again! Panic Buying Resurfaces

Panic buying is on the rise once upon after a spike in Coronavirus cases in Victoria…


A Follow Up From Our Candice And Danielle Article From Yesterday

A simple follow up.

stand together

We Stand With All People

Here at Project Fangirl, we stand for all people no matter who they are.

Mulroney; abuse of friendship

Meghan Markle’s Best Friend, Jessica Mulroney Called Out For White Privilege

Jessica Mulroney should have known better than to flaunt her white privilege around. After all, she is the best friend of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. The stylist has been accused by Sasha Exeter, a mother and lifestyle blogger who happens to be black of white privilege.

Jake Paul

#BlackLivesMatter: YouTuber Jake Paul Accused Of Looting

Logan and Jake Paul are morons. We’ve already spoken about one brother. Now, we’re talking about the other.


#BlackLivesMatter: Why The Aftermath Of George Floyd’s Death Shows What Type Of President Donald Trump Is And America Is Going Backwards

We hate writing about Donald Trump, but given the death of George Floyd and how the POTUS is telling the American people to fight back with even more violence, we had to talk about it. America is in turmoil. It…

serial cheater

Rowan Baxter: Family Killer A Serial Cheater

There are a lot of ways to describe family killer, Rowan Baxter. But, there is so many other pieces to this man’s vile cruelty. Other than being a misogynist, he apparently was also a serial cheater.

domestic violence

Men Who Murder Their Families: A Look At 5 Faces Of Pure Evil

Domestic violence is a parasite. While men are often the perpetrators, there is a small percentage of women who kill their partners. Though, where does this put the males who murder their families?

sentenced to 23 years

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison

Get out the funeral pyres because it’s time to celebrate! Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison. How the mighty have fallen. Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein is now a resident of the prison on Riker’s Island….

school captains

Why School Captains Should Be Eradicated

They say it’s not a popularity contest, but take it from me. Trying out to be school captain is not what most kids think it is…


Medical Staff Treated Disgustedly By Some Members Of The Public

The medical staff we hear so much about are being treated like second class citizens because the public fears they will spread COVID-19 to them.


Coronavirus: US President Donald Trump Is A Colossal Idiot – He’s Been Telling Americans To Take An Anti-Malaria That Is Unproven To Combat COVID-19

The world is struggling to combat the COVID-19 pandemic as it is and Donald Trump is making things worse! He’s coming out saying that anti-malaria drugs will cure the coronavirus. This is an unproven fact and goes to show that he has zero regard for the people he is meant to be protecting.


Wait… Did A Couple Of People Predict The Coronavirus Would Happen?

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the world, the whole planet has gone on lockdown in an attempt to slow and hopefully, stop the spread. However, there might have been some predictions that the pandemic was going to happen…

Tabloids; fandom

Tabloids, Please Stop Printing False Stories!

What is it with tabloids and printing false and inaccurate stories? They make a hell of a lot of money for pushing something that isn’t even true! Do they not think about the lives oft the celebrities they’re impacting?


COVID-19: Selfish People Are Stealing From Hospitals

With every day that passes, the world becomes more uncertain as COVID-19 drives a wedge into the heart of society. The situation has caused many scared people to steal vital supplies from hospitals…


Gullible Idiots Look For ‘Cures’ To The Coronavirus On Social Media

People really can be idiots. In this desperate world where the Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, people are turning to social media for a ‘cure’ to the virus


Blog UPDATE: Coming At You Live From… Self-Isolation?

Hey all! We’re coming at you from self-isolation at home! Before you all ask if I’m okay, I am doing just fine though I am going stir crazy here as everything is closed due to the new measures to put…


Home And Away Scheduling UPDATE!

Update time! We have some news regarding everyone’s favourite Australian Soap Opera, Home and Away.


Home And Away Pulled From Air Indefinitely Due To Coronavirus

Fans of Australian soap opera Home and Away will be left disappointed with this new development.


Coronavirus: List Of Products That Are Being Limited

With the Coronavirus sweeping the world, certain supermarket items are being restricted.

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