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The Bold And The Beautiful OPINION: Quinn Needs To Re-Evaluate Her Own Origins Before Calling Out Brooke On Hers


As another week of The Bold and the Beautiful wraps up, we cannot help but think about what is to come for Quinn as she continues to lick her wounds from her scheme to ruin Brooke and Ridge. However, we have our own views on how she should re-evaluate her life, especially when it comes to her views on her rival and how she destroyed her own marriage by going against her husband’s wishes for the millionth time.

Quinn has done a load of terrible things over the years, but going against the ‘love of her life’? The worst! Eric has always had a soft spot for women who are ‘misunderstood’. Seriously, the man needs to re-evaluate. While we love him as a human being, his choices in lady loves has always been flimsy.

A lot of people over the years have viewed Brooke as the gold digger but we need to think about what she has done to earn her place as the Forrester Matriarch. She became a mother figure to Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe when Taylor was thought to have died and she has never judged Maya because she’s transgender. There’s a load of things that we could talk about but this is about Quinn.

Quinn will do virtually anything to undermine Brooke and her sisters. She even goes so far as to quote Stephanie when she use to call her rival ‘the slut from the valley’. She’s a good one to talk as she came from nothing in Las Vegas. We’ll dive into this a bit more deeply when we get into the main article.

Without further ado, let’s launch into her our opinion piece on Quinn and how she should re-evaluate her views on Brooke before she speak out on them.

Eric’s Soft Spot For The Logans

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It’s no secret that Eric has always had a soft spot for the Logans. After all, way wouldn’t he? He’s been married to Brooke and Donna and has children with both of them. Not to mention, he’s friendly with Katie. Quinn needs to understand that they were in her husband’s life long before she even showed up.

Eric understands that no person on Earth is perfect and he doesn’t like conflict from anyone. However, he is willing to forgive and forget. His one pet peeve is when people – namingly Quinn – interferes with Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. He has told his precious wife not to get involved.

When he overheard Quinn scolding Shauna about calling off her re-do wedding to Ridge, Eric was horrified and she tried to blame Brooke for causing her to get involved at all. He, however, had enough sense to call her out on her BS and told her he didn’t want to hear it and that he had given her enough chances.

Brooke is the mother of two of Eric’s children and is grandmother to two of his grandchildren. She re-evaluated herself to be the Forrester Matriarch as Stephanie had wanted. Quinn thinks because she is married to the head of the family, she has that title and the portrait on the wall.

Stephanie’s painting should be the one hanging on that wall. Not Quinn’s. she was the true matriarch of the family. Also, Eric knows that Brooke doesn’t care about having a portrait above the fireplace, but she does wish to preserve her former nemesis’ legacy.

As for Donna, well, Quinn has zero respect for her or the other Logans. She forgets that she all but forced Wyatt to marry Hope and caused her former daughter-in-law to trip down the stairs and miscarry her grandchild.

Gold Digger

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There is no denying Quinn enjoys the high life. She went from being a struggling single mother to her son while he was growing up to the wife of renowned fashion designer.

Sure, she made a name for herself as a jewellery designer but this was only because of her work at Forrester. Without it, she would just be another small business owner trying to stand out. As we mentioned, she lived in Las Vegas where she became friends with Shauna when their kids were young.

At the time, she had to scheme to get ahead of the crowd. It’s speculated that she possibly killed some dude to get her hands on a massive diamond for Hope for the Future. We’re not entire sure what happened as we weren’t watching the show at the time.

As a writer, we see Quinn as one of those Regina George type characters who thinks people have to bow down to her because of who she’s married to. She might claim she loves Eric, but she actually adores him because she has access to his bank accounts.

When you look at Quinn’s life prior to showing up in Los Angeles, she was poor and struggling. However, her fortune drastically changed when she married Eric. Immediately, she had the money and that large flashy bridal set of rings and the most ‘important’ thing; the painting.

In the eyes of the world and herself, she is the perfect wife who stands by her husband’s side. However, many members of the Forrester clan see her for who she really. is; a gold digger who only loves the entitlement that comes with the name ‘Forrester’.

Joins A Long List Of Looneys

Creep; break up
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Quinn is not the only unstable person who should re-evaluate herself. There have been so many storylines where characters have simply lost the plot. We’ve witnessed a few in the last couple of years. Some of these include:

  • Steffy when she became addicted to opioids – not really a looney
  • Thomas and his constant obsession with Hope
  • Taylor and her rivalry with Brooke and the other Logans
  • Sheila and her obsession with Eric

We could go on, but many of these characters did re-evaluate their lives and situations.

Knows How To Use People To Get What She Wants

Shauna; bigger person; rebound
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Quinn is not above using people to get what she wants. In fact, she used her best friend, Shauna in a failed attempt to get rid of Brooke. Sure, she wanted her bestie to be a Forrester and to have the ‘man of her dreams’ in Ridge but this is not right.

The whole reason this post exists to dive deeper into Quinn’s persona before she arrives back on the scene next week. She knows how to pay the victim and will use this tactic on Flo to get her to agree to allow her to move in with her and Wyatt.

There is no denying that Quinn is pro-Flo/Wyatt. She even pushed for her son to dump fiancée Sally for his ex who had been involved in keeping his niece from Liam and Hope.

Flo understands what it means to be on the outside and to be welcomed back. However, her only real crime was following Thomas’ lead and keeping quiet about Beth. She knew to re-evaluate what was going on and way she would get Wyatt back. Quinn, on the other hand, thinks she is something that she is not.

When it comes to Wyatt, Quinn knows she cannot fool her own son. From what we’ve read, he tells her to go book into a hotel, but his girlfriend has another idea. His mother can move in with them, stating she can change.

Seriously, she sounds a lot like Hope does about Thomas. They both want to give their respective ‘criminal’ the benefit of the doubt. While this all good and all, they both need to consider what happens if their views backfire on them.

Conflict On The Horizon


If there is one person that may make Quinn re-evaluate the way she treats Brooke, it’s Wyatt. He does not put up with her bullshit and is more than willing to call her out if he has to.

According to current spoilers according to Soap Hub, the truth reaches Wyatt about what his mother did and he is not happy. Nor should he be. Quinn has pulled so many stunts over the years that he knows she will always be the same person; a schemer who will do anything to get her way.

We know Quinn moves in with her son and Flo but as far as we know, it won’t be smooth sailing. It may cause friction between the loved up couple given their opinions on the situation.

Can Quinn change? Definitely not! People like her don’t have the capacity to change their spots.

Hang On! What Does This Have To Do With Brooke?

Scheme; re-evaluate
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Now, if you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what the hell this has to do with Brooke? Well, here’s the thing. Quinn treats her terribly, but she claims to be innocent.

Why does she do this? Brooke threatened her marriage to Eric and told him to kick her to the curb. In a nutshell, it was her way of getting revenge. Quinn wanted her nemesis out of the way so Shauna could have Ridge and rule beside her as a matriarch. There’s no need to re-evaluate anything here.

Brooke has always had Eric and the family’s best interests at heart. Yes, she has stuffed up over the years and slept with every man who is not related to her, but it’s not like she murdered anyone. She is the matriarch because Stephanie made her so. Also, she knew how Ridge felt about her.

Quinn doesn’t understand what it means to be loyal to anyone but herself. She might claim she hijacked Bridge’s getting back together for Shauna to get her man, but she really did it for herself. To ‘avenge’ what Brooke wanted gone.

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