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We Need To Discuss Australia’s Disturbing Rape Culture In Huge Industries

rape culture

The sexual assault of women and men is not right and powerful figures that claim it was either consensual or denying it all together is all part of rape culture. In Australia, the problem is only getting worse…

[CAUTION: This article contains references of sexual assault – Reader Discretion Advised]

In the last few weeks, Australia has endured nightly conversations surrounding rape culture in some of the nation’s biggest industries. Today, the news came through that former NRL star Jarryd Hayne had been found guilty of a rape that occurred in 2018. According to, the woman who was his victim has been praised by police for her resilience and courage.

We’ve been keeping tabs on this story but was going to wait until a verdict had been reached until we spoke about it. What has also been in the news is the allegations of rape culture in parliament made by former staffer, Brittany Higgins. What makes us sick is how these big individuals think they will get away with it because of who they are.

While not all assaults are on women, men are often victims too. But it’s the female population who are more often the targets. Look at what happened in America with the #MeToo Movement. A load of people came forward with their stories. It gained so much traction that Harvey Weinstein who was the reason behind it starting got sent to prison. Australia needs to have something similar in place.

Any victim of sexual assault has to endure the possibility of people around them not believing them, especially when their attacker is well-known. The truth of the matter is, it needs to be stopped. There’s been cases where a victim’s story has been passed off as a lie. Sometimes even as a revenge tale because the alleged perpetrator “didn’t want them”. If someone goes to someone and says they’ve raped and their body is covered in bruises, then they need to be taken seriously. The police need to be contacted and a rape test needs to be performed at a hospital.

Big Industries Need Look Out For Their Workers And Not Push Rape Culture Under The Carpet

In the case of Brittany Higgins and the situation against Jarryd Hayne, the industries involved are the sporting industry which ranks in millions every year. Then, you have the political arena where politicians get paid way more money than they know what to do with. Rape victims that were involved within these two field in particular are often dismissed because the perps are often high profile.

Look the situation with Jarryd Hayne. He was once a big time football star. He even played overseas for the San Francisco 49rs. The woman who accused him of raping her stuck to her guns and fought back, even if it did take almost four years.

There was every possibility that Hayne could’ve gotten away it because he is a massive star in the footballing arena. He didn’t because there was enough evidence to show he did what he did.

Going back to Brittany Higgins, and having watched her interview on The Project and we know she was raped. The details she issued were exactly that, detailed. It’s things like this that get a person convicted or fired. Her perp thought he could get away it. Other women came forward after Ms Higgins spoke out because they felt brave enough to do so. It is believed that the man who attacked Brittany and the other women has been sacked from his job.

Big industries like these need to stop protecting their biggest aspects. They need to stand up for the victims of rape culture. Saying that they do is very different to actually doing something about it. What if it were a person they loved who was attacked? Would they want justice or tell them that they’re lying? What kind of person do they want to be?

The First Step To Recovery Is Finding Someone Who Will Believe

Rape culture in Australia is just like everywhere else in the world. If one person is assaulted then they’re often not believed but if multiple people come out about the same perp, they get believed. While there are some people who fake being assaulted just to get attention, it is these people who give true victims bad reps hence the reason they aren’t believed.

It can often be hard to find someone who will listen to you and not question what is being said. One place that is often the safest is a hospital where you can be checked over and assessed. There’s also the Police who have take every crime that is reported as serious.

There is always a way back. Please, if you’ve assaulted in any way, please contact your local law enforcement for assistance.

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