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Chronicles Of Harkle: Is Prince Charles The “Racist” Royal Who Questioned Archie’s Skin Tone?

The racism narrative never seems to go away when it comes to Harry and Meghan. As the holiday season begins, the Prince of Wales and H’s father, Prince Charles, has reportedly been called out in a recent royal “biography” on his sons and their wives as being the one to make a “racist” comment about his youngest son’s future children. Here is where I call bullshit. Now, I don’t think highly of the future king given what happened with Princess Diana, but I do NOT believe for a second that he said what Christopher Andersen has claimed in Brothers and Wives: The Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry & Meghan.

If Prince Charles was the racist, then why did he walk Meghan partway down the aisle? Why was he incredibly kind and welcoming to the former actress and her mother, Doria? Also, why did he hire a black choir to sing at the wedding? If he was pro-racism, why did the Kingdom Choir back him up after the Oprah interview? He has always been inclusive to everyone, regardless of their nationality.

Do I believe that comments were said? It’s hard to say. Even if there was, he would not have intended his inquiry to be mean-spirited. As a load of people have said, it is not racist to question what a mix-raced child will look like. One example is what former English Footballer John Barnes has said about it. He has biracial children himself with his caucasian wife.

To be honest, everything is offensive to Meghan and Harry, no matter how innocent it is. They’re overly sensitive as they believe it is a dig if someone doesn’t agree, questions, or makes an observation.

What Commentators Have Said About Charles Being The “Racist”

During the last couple of days, we’ve watched a handful of videos of commentators and YouTubers coming out in support of Charles. Now, as I’ve said this before, I don’t condone all the crap he put Diana through. However, he is not capable of racism. Long before Meghan even climbed the vines of the royal family and plucked Harry from his tower, he hired black staff. One of these people is Eva Omaghomi. Evan has worked for the Prince of Wales for thirteen years, as highlighted by Kate Mansey of the Daily Mail back in July 2021.

Also, Dickie Arbiter, the former press secretary for The Queen, told David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffrey on the Today Show Australia that is there is NO racism in the royal family. He says that the family travels the world and speaks to all sorts of people from different ethnicities, and he labelled the accusations as “utter nonsense.”

Even Murky Meg said in her latest video that she doesn’t believe it. Our friend Sue Smith said the same thing in a recent video.

Thomas Markle Weighs In On The “Charles The Racist” Allegation

Meghan’s dad, Thomas, has been on GB News recently, and he said something that didn’t surprise me regarding the allegations towards Charles. He said that friends of his and Doria’s when his then-wife was pregnant asked the same question of what their child would look like. He states it wasn’t racist but curiosity. I want to give a shoutout to Andi’s Mom on Twitter for finding the video clip on Murky Meg’s Instagram account.

Thomas would have more experience in this arena than Meghan ever would. He is a very open-minded man who wants the truth, not his daughter’s version of it. The reason the former actress is the ethnicity she is is that she was born to a black woman and a white man. Her children had more chance of being white than black. Yes, there was a possibility that the kids could’ve been darker-skinned, but what would that have mattered?

Did the Sussexes think people within the “institution” would care? The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, no one within the family would have cared what colour their kids’ skin was! Could there have been courtiers who might’ve been against the union? Absolutely, but not ALL of them would’ve been horrible. However, to work with the royals, you need to be open to working with every ethnicity.

Let’s not forget that Lady Davina Windsor has biracial children with her ex-husband, who is Maori.

If Charles Is A Racist, Why Did He Walk Meghan Down The Aisle?

[Credit: Cosmopolitan]

Before I sign off on this post, I want you to cast your eyes above. This was taken on Meghan and Harry’s wedding day. Do you see a racist? I know I don’t. If Prince Charles was a racist, he would not have agreed to walk his daughter-in-law down the aisle. It’s never been a secret that he always wanted a daughter, and when the moment presented itself to walk Meghan partway down the aisle, he took it. Furthermore, this was his way of supporting her and Harry’s marriage.

It’s clear that Charles loves his family very much and adored Meghan when she first arrived. However, if she and Harry are going off the racism narrative and using it to get back at him for cutting them off financially, then shame on them. Their hypocrisy shines through when they have zero proof to back up what they’re saying.

Finally, if Charles was such a racist, why is he so accepting towards Doria?

[Credit: Showbiz Cheat Sheet]

Now, I don’t care if Doria allegedly has a criminal record. That’s not the point. The point is presenting proof that the Prince of Wales is not a racist. If you look at the photos above, does he look uncomfortable? No, he doesn’t.

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