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Chronicles Of Harkle: Hate And Racism, According To Meghan Markle


In the mind of Meghan Markle, racism and hate mean not liking her. However, I’m here to say her definition is different to everyone else’s. Now, I won’t include Harry in this discussion. Moreover, his views are identical to his wife’s. Everything Markle says puts a dampener on free speech. Look at Piers Morgan as proof.

Racism is a serious topic, but Meghan sees it as something she can exploit. By claiming someone questioned her children’s skin, she created a whirlpool of suspicion surrounding how the public viewed her in-laws. However, it appears this backfired as there was no public outcry of “Down with the monarchy”. If anything, faith in the monarchy remained as it is today; steadfast.

Calling Out Her Behaviour Is A Form Of “Racism” And “Hate”

So, Meghan believes that if you call out her behaviour, you’re a racist. Yeah, like that makes any sense. What makes this mind-boggling is there is never any talk of race. I’ve covered Meghan’s behaviour more than a dozen times. I’ve never commented on having a problem with her ethnicity.

I was raised to accept people, regardless of their race. So, because I disagree with how Meghan treats people, I must be “racist”, right? A while back, I published a post about something similar.

From all the reading I have done on this in recent years, even Prince William was worried about the trouble Meghan would cause. Furthermore, this prompted her to cry to Harry about his “mean” older brother. Ultimately, this prompted Harry to call his brother “jealous” and a “snob”.

An Innocent Comment Is “Racist”

Meghan made a big deal about an alleged comment regarding Archie. I’ve written about this a couple of times. In one post, I asked if it’s okay to question a child’s skin. Another I wrote mentioned John Barnes, a black former footballer, who has biracial children. Even Thomas Markle said his friends asked about Meghan’s skin, as per Kyle Farrell of the Express.

To ask what a child will look like before they’re born isn’t being cruel. It is natural curiosity. Let’s say for example a white woman has a child with a black man. They’d question how their baby would come out. If Meghan thinks this is racist, she needs to re-evaluate how she sees the world.

A Real-Life Story About Biracial Twins

Let me redirect you to a story by Chris Perez of the New York Post.

The story tells of UK twin sisters, Maria and Lucy. They were born to a half-Jamaican mother and a father who is caucasian. They have older siblings who all have mixed skin tones. Maria has darker skin like their mother, while Lucy is the same shade as their dad.

Even their mother had to look twice when they were born. Often, they need to show their birth certificates to prove they’re related. Most people assume they’re best friends because of different they look.

Look Up What The Definition Of Racism Before You Start Complaining, Meghan

Meghan has never faced racial prejudice. Ultimately, this is not just me assuming. If she had, she would’ve said something long before she hooked up with Harry. Her sister, Samantha, who I cite as a credible source, said their dad made sure she [Meghan] was away from the Rodney King Riots in 1992.

What happened to Rodney King with him was racism. Meghan has never had anything like this happen to her. She is race beating people into feeling sorry for her. Furthermore, this is why she made that comment about the ‘racist’ royal. Now, Lady Colin Campbell has said it was Princess Anne while Christopher Andersen has claimed it was Prince Charles. But, both authors have said something similar; regardless of who (allegedly) said it, neither were of racist intent. So, if the comment was said, which I doubt, then it wasn’t racist.

If Prince Charles had said it, then he was being curious. Meghan needs to look up the definition of what racism is before she says anything. Moreover, she’s too sensitive about how her child will look and assumes their race will be a problem.

It’s “Hate” If Outfits Aren’t Liked

So, Meghan might claim she’s a fashionista, but her fashion choices say something else. Remember that red dress she wore to that military gala in New York? Yeah, not one of her finest outfits. The dress did not fit her correctly, and her spray tan was blotchy.

Meghan thought it would blow Catherine’s gold dress from the James Bond premiere out of the water. If I had to choose between Catherine and Meghan for which dress was better, I would choose Kate’s hands down. Now, it has nothing to do with me like the Duchess of Cambridge more.

When you look at Catherine’s gold dress, it is flawless and fit her well. Nothing was out of place, nor was there anything creased.

Meghan’s did not fit her. The breast cups were inverted, and it was too tight. If anything, the breast cups reminded me of something Lady Gaga or Madonna used to wear back in their wild-child days. Also, the plunge wasn’t ideal for her figure. Whoever did the spray tan needs to be taught how to do it properly.

Finally, I need to mention that you do not wear red to a military event where you wear a poppy. Meghan made the same mistake (apparently, she doesn’t learn) in the UK with that red cape dress.

Criticism Is Not Hate Or Racism

When you criticise someone, you’re NOT hating them. Nor is it a form of racism. However, that’s not the way Meghan views it. Oh no. She sees it as offensive that anyone would criticise her because, in her eyes, she is the only one that matters.

To criticise someone, you’re critiquing them, not criticising them. There is a massive difference. However, Meghan believes she is the perfect duchess. I’ve addressed this as well.

Finally, if Meghan were reading this now, I would say this to her.

Meghan, you were given the opportunity, so few people get. So many women would’ve loved to have married Harry. They would’ve honoured the Queen and the UK. You, however, are nothing more than a hypocrite who threw away your new life to commercialise your title. You wonder why people aren’t accepting of you. Look at your behaviour before you call someone out.

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