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Home And Away: Rachel Dies But Will Christian Be Okay?


The life of Rachel Young was cut short last week after she was hit by a car…

Christian’s impulsive decisions have already cost him his engagement to Tori, but now he’s going to have to deal with the death of his former patient, Rachel after she was killed in a hit and run. While the perpetrator was caught, it doesn’t erase what happened.

For weeks after his near-death experience at Lewis’ hands, the surgeon has been living life to the fullest, much to the distress of Tori. The day they were meant to live for their wedding in Victoria, Christian is about to collect his suit when he ends up at a sky diving centre. An emergency is called when a skydiver falls from the sky, injuring her neck.

Upon getting Rachel to hospital, it is discovered that her skull had separated from her spine but she was somehow still alive. For weeks afterward, Christian and his patient bond to the point it begins to irk Tori. This then leads to the pair separating but not officially breaking up. After a while, this become permanent when the doctor gives back her engagement ring.

When Rachel is wheeled into the hospital, Christian becomes frantic to save her but when she flatlines, Tori checks her pupils, they’re blown, meaning she’s gone. Her ex-fiancée doesn’t want to face reality that she’s dead and he is forced to sit back as the nurses cover Rachel’s body with a sheet and wheel her out to the morgue.

How Will Christian Cope?

Near-Death Experience
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Christian believes it was his destiny to save Rachel. He did just that when he saved her life after her skydiving accident. However, he could not have predicted what came next. From the promo for next week, it looks like he’s going to be fine at least for a little while. He’s going to be telling off Justin and threatening to call the police on him.

But, that really begs the question how he will cope before and after this. He was in a horrible way as he watched the staff wheel Rachel’s body away. Will Tori play a critical role in helping him recover from his loss? It’s possible but we just don’t know.

Lewis’ vendetta against him really did a number on Christian to the point that he has been acting recklessly like skinny-dipping in the ocean. He was even driving his car at high speeds. He’s a doctor and is meant to be setting an example for people not exploiting the rules. But, it is understandable why. He wants to live his life to the fullest he can. Though the issue we have with this is how he preferred to save a stranger’s life instead of attending his own wedding.

It is difficult to say if Christian will spiral as Justin has been. But we don’t think he’ll turn to drugs. That’s not his style.

Though, we thought the same thing with Justin after what happened with Brody and look at what has transpired. In conclusion, we believe this might be the wake-up call Christian needs to snap out of his reckless haze.

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