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The Race Conversation: Is It Ever Okay To Question The Colour Of Your Child’s Skin?


Should you question the colour of your child’s skin and did Archie not getting the prince title really come down to his mixed race?

Meghan Markle has been a lot of things in her life. Daughter. Half-sister. Actress. Blogger. Wife x2. Duchess. Mother. It has been claimed that early in her acting career, she claimed to be caucasian. However, that is not the reason we’re here. Since the Oprah interview aired, a lot people have questioned the context of the alleged conversation surround little Archie’s race.

As the entire world knows, Prince Harry is white while Meghan is biracial; her mother is black, her father is caucasian. During the interview, there were a lot of things that were lies or just didn’t add up. Moreover, one of those is how a member of the royal family questioned the colour of Archie’s skin before he was even born or conceived.

What’s more is Meghan made the claim that the convention was going to be changed for Archie not to be a prince because he was a child of colour. However, she knows as she mentions it, that her son will become a prince when his grandfather becomes king. The whole situation about her child being discriminated against because of his mixed race background is incorrect.

We’ve mentioned in other articles about the Letters Patent 1917 which states only the children and grandchildren of the monarch will be prince and princess. There is nothing mentioned about how the colour of an offspring’s skin would affect a child getting a title. So, as of now, Archie is not the child or grandchild of The Queen. He is a great-grandchild. Therefore, this means he is NOT entitled to be a prince. However, he was eligible to be the Earl of Dumbarton which is one of Harry’s other titles. Also, Meghan knows that other great-grandchildren don’t have titles.

What Mixed Race Couples Have Said And Word From A Respected Muslim Leader

After browsing through Twitter after the interview, we were genuinely surprised at the response from people in mixed race relationships regarding the conversation. We honestly thought that many mixed couples would be on Meghan and Harry’s side. To our amazement, a lot of people were left wondering why it was an issue.

According to a lot of the conversations that were had, it wasn’t an issue for anyone who commented on the situation. YouTuber Sue Smith said in one of her debunking videos on the Oprah interviews that she spoke with a neighbour of hers who is Indian and even she [the neighbour] said she and her husband had the same conversation about their children.

Finally, in a recent 60 Minutes Australia interview, a well-respected Muslim leader said the royal family were not racist. He has a deep respect for the monarchy and had attended an engagement with Prince Charles in 2008.

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