Young Justice

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Young Justice?


Are you looking for a Young Justice quiz that isn’t boring?

With the long awaited return of Young Justice, we thought we would create a quiz that highlights what a fantastic show it and to express our excitement over its return. To celebrate, we have teamed up with with PlayBuzz (now EX.CO) to create a virtual game to test our followers knowledge of the show.

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We wanted to have a mix of questions that would allow fans to think back to previous episodes and to remember why they loved the show to begin with. The show opened our eyes to why we love the superhero genre and while it resonates with so many people around the world.

Another important aspect to this experience is giving the fans something that will hype them up for when the show returns. We’re just excited to see how much our favourite heroes and their sidekicks have changed since the las time we saw them. We want to see M’gann and Conner patch things up and maybe even get engaged… 😉

Giving back to the fans is what we wanted to achieve and we hope we have done that. Creating an experience like allows us to test new ideas for the blog and see if we want to use these types of things again. It is also vitally important that our followers weigh in and give their opinions on this experience. Please comment below or email us at to give your feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy this quiz as much as we had creating. It would mean so much to us if you gave this post a like and share it around! Without anymore further ados, let’s get into the quiz!

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