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The Bold And The Beautiful: Wyatt Lashes Out At His Mother For Her Return To Scheming


Quinn and scheming has never looked so nasty! Wyatt has called his mother out on her scheming ways and doesn’t bother to defend herself…

Scheming and Quinn go as well together as donuts and coffee. Okay… bad comparison. You know what we mean! Wyatt and Flo now know what their mothers did to try and break up Brooke and Ridge and let’s just say one of them is not exactly thrilled.

If you guessed Wyatt, you’re on the money. He has blasted his mother for her return to scheming and he’s not to going to forgive her any time soon, according to | SheKnows. What surprised us was how she didn’t actually defend herself too much. She claims her marriage is solid – or, it was – and she wanted to get rid of Brooke so Shauna could take her place. No big deal, right?

Not in Wyatt’s eyes. He has had to live with his mother’ scheming all his life so it’s nothing new to him. However, his precious Flo cannot believe Quinn would pull a stunt like this. We can!

Later In The Week…

Quinn’s scheming was always going to come back and bite her in some way. However, Flo is going to take pity on her and invite her to live with her and Wyatt. Oooh! Goody. *insert panic emoji here* Before this, though, she must confront her husband and stepson and we’re excited to see how they roast her.

She can argue with Ridge that Brooke is ruining his life all she likes, but he’s going to lay into her like Wyatt has. Then, there’s Eric whom Quinn thinks will forgive her.

Honey, there is no way Eric is going to forgive you. He told you not to interfere and you did. Also, he doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Just because you got the benefit of the doubt once, doesn’t mean it will happen again.

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