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The Bold And The Beautiful: Quinn Had Better Watch Out Because Her Whole ‘Get Rid Of Brooke’ Scheme Is About To Unravel

Scheme; re-evaluate

As the situation with Steffy’s painkiller addiction dies down, Quinn’s scheme to rid the Forresters of Brooke is continuing to heat up, but will it unravel?

Quinn hates Brooke, plain and simple, right? Not exactly. By the end of this week, we might be saying goodbye to not just Mrs Forrester, but two. Why? Well, the scheme to break up Bridge is about to backfire at the wedding of Shauna and Ridge. Eric is going to be fuming when he finds out what’s been going on behind his back!

Bring on the annulment/divorce papers because Shauna and Quinn deserve to be kicked out on their asses and left out in the cold! All the wife of Eric has ever done during their marriage flaunt her wealth around because she’s married to a fashion juggernaut! Brooke at least earned her place within the Forrester family. Yes, she has done some questionable things over the years but she’s Ridge’s ‘destiny’. You can’t really mess with that, even if it has been done a million times and shredded into tiny bits and burned.

What Happens?! Tell Us!

Here’s the thing. We’re not actually sure what happens to cause Quinn’s scheme to come unraveled. However, it has something to do with Brooke. Does she find a video that reveals what happened? Does she overhear a conversation that she was never meant to hear? Who knows but is going to be juicy!

Does this mean Shauna will hate her supposed BFF? Maybe. We want to know this too. However, there are rumours floating around that this may happen, but until it does we’re not confirming or denying it unless we see it.

The Scheme Is About Quinn’s Hatred Of Brooke, Not About Shauna’s Happiness

Let’s look at the situation logically, shall we? Shauna never wanted to get involved with a man who was in love with his estranged on/off wife. However, she allowed Quinn to push her into a relationship that she fantasied over since her arrival in Los Angeles.

Sure, Shauna might be in love with Ridge, but truth of the matter is, he doesn’t feel the same way about her. Yes, they shared some fun times, but he never saw her as anything more than a distraction from Brooke. However, this is not the way Quinn sees it.

She wants to show Brooke that she herself is the Forrester Matriarch and not the ‘Logan tramp’. Quinn wants to have strength in numbers which is why she wants Shauna to be Ridge’s wife because her infatuation with the fashion designer.

Quinn might say she cares about Shauna, but all viewers see is her hatred for Brooke. At least her Vegas bestie tried to stay out of the drama with the true Forrester Matriarch. What she doesn’t understand is the moniker is not inherited. It is handed down from one to another as evident when Stephanie handed it down to her longtime rival before she died.

Should Shauna Leave Quinn’s Friendship Behind?

If Shauna was smart, she would tell Quinn off for getting her involved with a scheme she wanted no part of. Then, she should get up and promptly leave, leaving their thirty year friendship in the dust. Quinn has schemed her way to the top all her life because it is the only thing she knows. She does not need to drag someone else with her.

Shauna was stupid to get involved with the scheme in the first place, but at least she tried to resist the urge to go after a man who would never love her the same way she feels for him. She should’ve known from the start that Quinn wanted power and therefore, the Forrester Matriarch mantle that she does not actually possess.

If Fulton were to cut ties with Quinn, it would likely become ugly as the faux matriarch will likely blame Brooke for ruining her best friend’s marriage. Good riddance, if we’re honest. No one needs a scummy best friend who is only in it because she hates the true matriarch.

Quinn Is A Horrible Person

There’s so many reasons we hate Quinn but to scheme just to spite someone you hate is not the answer. We’ve seen her do many disgusting things over the years. She’s committed multiple attempted murders and she hates everyone who doesn’t agree with her.

Let’s not forget she pushed Ivy off a bridge in Paris and she’s got a massive love for meddling in people’s love lives which is what Stephanie hated. That was what she despised about Brooke. Quinn and the true matriarch would be constantly at each other’s throats. Now, THAT would be a sight to see!

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